With Sybil locked up in a cell in the Armory in The Vampire Diaries season 8 episode 4, Stefan hoped to find out how he could save Damon. To tell him, the siren revealed how she became what she was — and that she had a sister, someone who had embedded herself in their lives.

Here’s how “An Eternity of Misery” revealed the sirens’ origin story and how Stefan could save his brother.

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On an Island in 750 B.C., One Girl Recounted the Story of Arcadius for Another

When Cade, the first psychic, overstepped trying to help, everyone feared his power and turned on him. He came to understand the “true evil” inside men, but he was triumphant in death and evil men were forever punished for their wickedness. Cade had his revenge, and so would they.  

Sybil Began Telling Stefan the Story of the Village Girl and the Island Girl — But It Wasn’t All in the Past

A long time ago in a Mediterranean village, a girl manifested psychic abilities, which were forbidden in her land. She was exiled and ended up on an island where she met another girl like her. “Exiled together, connected in psychic ability, two sisters in everything but blood, destined from that moment to one day become the sirens,” Sybil shared.

Just like Stefan would do anything for his brother, her sister would do anything for her — and not only was she out there somewhere, but Stefan would find out who she was “soon enough.”

After Alaric Sent Georgie Away, She Broke into His House and Seline Caught Her

Alaric had told her that he and Stefan were in the middle of a project (and she saw the fork in Stefan’s hand), and after a joke about having “a girl tied up in the basement,” she left.

However, she went to Alaric’s house, broke in and began looking through his books. When Seline walked in, she claimed to be getting one to bring back to Alaric, but when the nanny said she was going to call him, the intern stopped her.

Sybil Commented That Seline’s “Suspicious Name” Was “Very Siren-y”

Sybil Told Stefan How the Island Girl Turned the Village Girl into a Monster

The girls were hungry, but their attempt to lure in a passing ship by calling out with their minds only led to the ship’s destruction on the rocks near the shore. The sailors died, and the village girl refused to hurt anyone again. The island girl then brought her meat from wild boar on the other side of the island, but there were no wild boar. She was luring in ships herself and bringing her sister the sailors to eat.

“The Parallels Are Too Good” for Sybil Between the Two Sets of Siblings

Didn’t the story sound familiar to Stefan, she wondered. One good sibling, determined to live like a monk, and one selfishly evil sibling, willing to kill to satiate the hunger. “An innocent girl became a monster, all because her older sibling forced her to adopt her lifestyle, even if it meant killing and eating men to stay alive,” she said, asking Stefan, “which girl are you?”

After Seline Called Alaric About Georgie Breaking in, the Intern Locked Him in the Vault

Alaric then assumed she was the second siren.

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Thanks to Georgie Interfering, Sybil Had the Chance to Go Inside Stefan’s Head and Continue the Story with Her Memories

She wasn’t going to attack his psyche, she told him, because “the boss” had other plans for him. Instead, she showed him the bones of the sailors that her sister had been bringing to her. Sybil was the village girl, the one who tried to be good and whose sister forced this existence on her.

Sybil Revealed That Seline Was Her Sister, the Other Siren, But She Couldn’t Let Him Remember

“Orders from above — well, below,” she explained, and when he came to, the siren still in her cell, he didn’t remember who her sister was.

Stefan’s Answer to Sybil’s Question Proved Him Worthy of Hearing the Truth

Was he the island girl or the village girl? “Who are you in this story?” Sybil asked him. “The victim, who tried for years not to feed on human blood, only for his selfish brother to blow into town and ruin it all? Or are you the monster, who sealed his brother’s fate the day you forced him to turn into a vampire, who doomed his brother to an eternity of misery because you were afraid of being alone?” He was both, he finally answered.

Seline Made a Deal with Cade to Save Her Sister

After learning the truth about the cannibalism, Sybil threw herself off a cliff, but God didn’t answer her prayers. Cade did, offering to help Seline’s sister, for a price. In exchange for immortality, beauty and youth for the two sisters, they’d serve their new master. They feasted on flesh to keep them beautiful, and he collected the souls of the wicked in hell.

To Save Damon, Stefan Had to Kill the Devil

In Cade’s final moments, he saw the people killing him for the monsters they were and damned them all. He let loose a psychic blast that created its own world, where he fed on the souls of the damned.

That was where Stefan was headed, Sybil revealed, because all his attempts at atonement couldn’t save him from the fate he knew he deserved deep down. Even though he didn’t’ believe his brother deserved that fate since he made him what he was, Damon’s fate was already sealed, the siren told him. The glimpse of that hell she had given him was enough to make him flip his switch and choose to serve Cade for all eternity rather than experience another second of that torment. The brothers were both doomed.
After Seline Was Done Using Georgie, She Killed Her

She had made Georgie trap Alaric, but after the intern told her her sister said to “piss off” and she didn’t need her help, the siren killed the intern. Because of that girl she had killed in the car accident, Georgie was going to Cade.

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