When The Walking Dead returns this February, it’ll be bringing a host of new faces. With season two’s first half feeling a bit stale, hopefully this mixture of comic book and original characters will make things more interesting.

Check out descriptions for four brand new characters who will join the group in the spring. Warning, spoilers ahead!

Michonne’s Walker Pet Sounds Off

Unable to contain either his excitement or spoilers, aspiring actor and Walking Dead extra named Dupree R. Stansell let slip some information about upcoming episodes. His typo-ridden tumblr post (which he has since removed) reveals that character Michonne, well-known among fans of the Walking Dead graphic novels, will first appear in season two finale. For those not in the know, Michonne’s known for leading around her zombified ex-boyfriend and best friend around on chains, and wielding a katana.

After this incident, the show’s creators are probably keeping Dupree on a shorter leash. No word if they drew inspiration from Michonne’s methods and removed his jaw or arms to keep him from leaking anything else, though.

Of Zombies and Men

Two other upcoming characters not drawn from the Walking Dead source material are northerners Dave and Tony. Judging from the casting calls for these new characters, Dave may initially remind you of your favorite regular at a dingy bar, but he still possesses the brutality and cunning needed to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. This stands in stark contrast to less intelligent Tony, who’s muscled and a fan of firearms, females, and food. Expect George and Lennie, err, Dave and Tony to stick around a total of four episodes.

From Fighting Fire to Fighting the Undead

Also joining the show in the second half of season 2 is Michael Zegen of Rescue Me. He’ll be playing Randall, a “skinny and earnest” Southern kid who eventually finds his inner strength. Randall, “who is thrown into a set of unusal circumstances, given what has happened in our world,” is currently scheduled to appear in four episodes. With a description like that, and not being based off any of the comic’s characters, it’s an easy bet where this is going (just guessing): He starts off as dead weight, other characters hate him, and then he valiantly sacrifices himself as walker-food to save the rest. That, or he dies brawling with Glenn over who gets to fill the show’s “outwardly vulnerable but inwardly strong young male character” niche.

Looks like the series is trying to revitalize itself with an injection of fresh blood, and leaning more towards original roles rather than drawing from the comic book. How do these characters sound to you so far? Who would you like to see pop up on The Walking Dead next? Let us know!

Daniel Mikelonis
Contributing Writer

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Daniel Mikelonis

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