OK, so Castle isn’t a murderer. We’ve established that. But what else could be coming from Castle in season 5? Find out with a whole bunch of spoilers on casting and upcoming episodes!

WARNING: There are some big Castle season 5 spoilers in this article. They’re cool spoilers though, so that makes it all OK, right?

Patrick FIschler and Tony Denison Bring the Mob to Castle

The November 19 episode of Castle, called “After Hours,” will have a mafia theme, according to a report from TVLine. In order to do this, the show of course needs a couple of high-end guest stars.

Patrick Fischler (Lost) will guest-star in the episode as a murder witness named Leo Conrad. Leo will go on the run with Castle and Beckett when mobsters show up to silence the man. One of those ruthless mobster types may just be Mickey Dolan, played by guest star Tony Denison (The Closer, Major Crimes). Mickey is an enforcer for the crime family — and he was a close friend of the victim before the man died.

Christmas on Castle

For the first time ever, Castle is planning a Christmas episode! Of course, Christmas on Castle requires murder and such.

TVLine reports that the holiday episode — appropriately called “Secret Santa” — will involve the death of “Kris Kringle” (according to his ID). Even weirder is the fact that this Santa seems to have died after falling from the sky over Central Park.

This episode will also feature Castle and Beckett’s first Christmas together. So we can expect it to be super-cute.

Beware the Ex

Remember how Richard Castle has two ex-wives? We’ve seen Castle’s second ex (his publisher) throughout the seasons, but the writer’s first wife, Meredith, has not been seen since season 1. Now, however, it looks like Alexis’ mother is coming to town for a visit. 

Beckett is not going to like this.

TVGuide.com reports that Darby Stanchfield (Scandal) will return in January to play Meredith in an episode called “Significant Others.” Supposedly, Meredith will arrive to take Alexis on a European vacation, but illness quickly derails those plans. Poor Alexis gets that most collegiate of diseases — mono — so Meredith moves in to care for the girl.

Couldn’t Beckett just stay out of the way? Nope. Beckett will be dealing with fumigation at her own apartment and will therefore be camping out with Castle at the same time.

Castle airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

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