We still don’t know how long it will be before Teen Wolf season 3 begins its super-sized run. But we do have a few spoilers to get you through until that possibly far-off date. Keep reading to learn more about the new Alpha pack, character directions and why some werewolves have different colored eyes.

Yes, apparently that last one is important.

WARNING: There are Teen Wolf season 3 spoilers in this article. But don’t worry — by the time Teen Wolf actually begins its next season, you will probably have forgotten all about them. So enjoy the spoilery goodness now!


Teen Wolf just wouldn’t be Teen Wolf without life being complicated. And one of the big ones in the upcoming season? Keeping Sheriff Stilinski in the dark. Showrunner Jeff Davis talked about this in an interview published on E!Online, saying: “It’ll be a challenge next season to see how long they can keep the secret from Stilinski.”

This is especially true considering that just about everyone else on the show already knows everything about the monsters running throughout town. Well, the lacrosse coach doesn’t know. Does he count?

A Little More Isaac

With Teen Wolf co-star Colton Haynes leaving the show for season 3, we are going to need someone to step up to cover the loss of Derek. It’s possible that that person/wolf could be Isaac.

According to E!Online, Daniel Sharman, the actor who plays Isaac, is in at least 8 of the first 12 Teen Wolf season 3 episodes and has a good chance of becoming a series regular before the season is out.

This may not be much of a surprise to anyone who has read the first page of Teen Wolf season 3, episode 1 — that leaked page had Isaac as the central character. Check it out here!

Alphas. Not Just a Syfy Show Anymore

Unless we are very mistaken about the direction season 3 will take, the new pack of Alphas in town will be very important. What do we know about these brand-new werewolves?

Not much. Zap2It does report, however, that the leader of the Alpha pack will be a guy by the name of Deucalion. This is a smart guy who has a way with words and is looking to pit Scott and Derek against each other.

That probably won’t be too hard, considering the past those two werewolves already share.

Also, Deucalion? Seriously?

Blue Eyes, Gold Eyes

In the Teen Wolf season 2 finale, Jackson finally got his wish and became a werewolf. But we noticed right away that there was a bit of a difference between Jackson and the other wolves — Jackson the Wolf had blue eyes, while everybody else we’ve seen tends more toward gold werewolf eyes.

Does that matter? If you believe MTV — and you should, since that’s the network responsible for Teen Wolf — then yes. Yes, it does matter. MTV’s Teen Wolf spoiler blog mentioned that eye color will be something explored in the upcoming season. A flashback episode will hold the key to any explanation, and it’s certain to be an odd one. All we know for now is that being born a werewolf isn’t the reason.

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