Last night on The Voice, spectacles were all the rage. From the celebrity coaches’ attire to the productions behind individual and team performances, the show was, to say the least, a sight to see. Are we getting away from the big picture here, though, by painting a … different picture? Someone will be crowned “The Voice” next week! Can we just cut the fluff and get to the goods, people?

Of course not! If we cut out the extraneous “we have to fill an entire hour or two-hour time slot” then we would most definitely miss out on tonight’s performance. Look for performances by season one finalists Javier Colon, Dia Frampton, joined by hip-hop star Kid Cudi, Beverly McClellan, joined by living legend Cyndi Lauper, and Vicci Martinez, joined by former coach Cee Lo Green.

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This is it, guys! NO LAST CHANCE PERFORMANCES AND NO SAVES! There are eight semifinalists on the stage and only half of them will move on to the finals.

“All eight charted on the iTunes top 100 with their songs last night,” says Carson. Good job!

Coaches on the eliminations tonight and their respective artists …

Blake: “It sucks, but it’s great.”

Christina: “You absolutely cannot compare Lindsey and Chris … It’s like comparing apples and oranges.”

Cee Lo: “I’m very uncomfortable and it’s very awkward.”

Adam: “I don’t wanna have to do this.”

Dia Frampton
“Don’t Kick the Chair” featuring Kid Cudi
It’s either cheesy or really cute that Dia descends from a pile of toppled chairs while singing, “don’t kick the chair.” It’s a catchy tune and she sounds great. Kid Cudi’s rap only strengthens the more cool, laid back dance tune. Great way to start tonight’s guest performances!

Sprint Lounge

Christina Milian is sitting with the final four of season one. When asked how The Voice has changed their lives, Dia answers, “The show has changed our lives in a lot of ways. I think all of us recorded an album.” Well, I would surely hope so. Milian tosses out another question asking the finalists to give tonight’s hopefuls advice. Vicci gives a simple, “Just be yourself!” and Beverly chimes in with, “And don’t forget to have fun!”

Elimination Breakdown

In case anyone is confused, each artist will  have two votes. One vote calculated by America and the other from their coach. Added together, these scores will determine who will stay and who will go.

Team Christina

Christina: “I’m not gonna get as emotional tonight as I’ve been because I feel like after tonight, you both are winners.”

Christina’s Scores:
Lindsey – 50
Chris – 50

Chris Mann – 104

Lindsey Pavao – 96

A tearful Lindsey: “Thank you to Christina. It’s been wonderful.”

Honestly, I thought it would be the other way around. Still I don’t see Christina winning this season either. Look at those numbers. Both of them were still rather close to one another, so there isn’t one artist on her team that is heavily favored over the other.

Vicci Martinez
“Come Along” featuring Cee Lo Green
First of all, Cee Lo is in a full suit. I mean, he is taking on the nerdy gangster character tonight. I say nerdy because his red glasses match his tie. Now, for the performance … Vicci’s soulful, yet gritty vocals are quite welcome to my eardrum anytime. There are even some background dancers towards the end once things really get underway, but she doesn’t necessarily need all that.

Team Adam

Adam: “I look at this as a victory … It’s really not so much about winning The Voice, it’s about using the exposure the show has given you.

Adam’s Scores:
Katrina – 40
Tony – 60

Adam’s explanation for his scores lend viewers to believe that there is a “bro-mance” blossoming, but Katrina wins “Most Improved” artist.

Tony Lucca – 108

Katrina Parker – 92

Sprint Lounge

Milian stands with Chris Mann and Tony Lucca who are excited and “generally in shock,” says Chris. Erin Willett sits on the couch now wearing a princess hat. It’s her birthday and she doesn’t mention wanting to move on to next week as her one wish. Oh, and Jermaine Paul hops into the shot, dancing and making goo-goo eyes. Fun bunch.

Beverly McClellan
“Money Changes Everything” featuring Cyndi Lauper
Someone run up and help Cyndi, please. She doesn’t seem to be able to hear the music in her ear and she’s singing at the top of her lungs. I’m scared that she’ll fall off the steps because she’s so focused with closed eyes! Beverly sounds pretty good, but there’s so much more distracting me right now. Yeah, it’s an ear piece problem because she’s chasing her partner around to read her lips. Sounds like a bunch of screaming the same lyrics over and over. Not my favorite performance, at all. Still love you, Cyndi!

Javier Colon
“A Drop in the Ocean”
What can I say? The guy is good. Sitting at the piano first, sporting his trademark ball cap. He stands up with mic in hand to sing the song to its end. I can’t say anything bad about the performance. Sounds good, looks good, just is good.

Team Blake

Blake: “You’re looking at two of the best vocalists on the planet, standing up there.”

Blake’s Scores:
Jermaine – 50
Erin – 50

Blake: “It’s up to America now.”

Jermaine Paul – 123

Erin Willett – 77

Erin: “I never knew the road that was ahead of me when I started it and I’m so thankful.” Turning to Blake, “Let’s get drunk!”

Sprint Lounge

Milian now has Juliet Simms and Jamar Rogers who tells his teammate, “You killed it last night.” The already tearful Juliet leans on Jamar for comfort and he puts his arm around her. HOW SWEET! I hate that one of them has to go!

Team Cee Lo

Cee Lo: “I have two of the arguably best contestants on this show … You breathed new life into me.”

Cee Lo’s Scores:
Juliet – 60
Jamar – 40

Cee Lo: “I wanted to be honest, critical and fair.”

Juliet Simms – 121

Jamar Rogers – 79

Jamar: “I never thought that I would make it this far and thank you.” Wow! I’m actually shocked. It’s bittersweet because I like him, yet I know that he will be somewhere very, very soon.

There you have it! The finalists have been announced thanks to the coaches and you, America!

Season Two Finalists

Team Christina
Chris Mann

Team Blake
Jermaine Paul

Team Adam
Tony Lucca

Team Cee Lo
Juliet Simms

Next week on The Voice, the finals will begin! Make sure you tune in Monday for the final performances and Tuesday for the finale when “The Voice” is crowned! Once again, thank you for tuning in. Until next time!

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