It’s been a pretty entertaining season of The Celebrity Apprentice, as our favorite (or not so favorite) celebrities battle each other in competitions to raise money for their charities and be given the winning title. Much of the show’s appeal comes in the form of screaming matches, fights and name-calling, and this season has been no different.

While some of the “villains” of the show have been more obvious (i.e. Lisa Lampanelli and Aubrey O’Day), you could argue that Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken have been as villainous, but in their own ways. Unlike the women, however, the men have still managed to make themselves likable in the end. Although Arsenio has had some blowups, he cools down and apologizes in the end. You could also argue that Clay’s competitive acts are more calculated — he’s not vindictive but it seems like he does choose the right words to say. He’s also gotten into it with Penn and Lisa.

It’s a shame that Victoria Gotti lasted for such a short time because she’d probably be in the running right now for the worst villain. As for Teresa Giudice, did you expect her to be more cutthroat because of her Housewives experience?

What do you all think — who is Season 12’s worst villain?

Clay Aiken
Arsenio Hall
Lisa Lampanelli
Aubrey O’Day

I’m going with Aubrey. You could say Lisa’s actions aren’t necessarily surprising. I expected her to be loud and get in people’s faces as soon as I heard she was going to be on the show. To her credit, however, she’s totally calmed down in the last two weeks. I don’t know if that’s part of her strategy, to lay low a little bit, but it’s working. While Lisa may be harsh in her criticism with Dayana Mendoza in particular, she’s also given her a lot of credit recently (until last night) for a job well done. This goes to show you that even after Lisa discredits you, if you prove yourself (in her eyes, of course), she’s willing to say, “Hey, you were really great this week.”

Aubrey, meanwhile, can’t even pretend to hide her disdain for her other team members. Who has she liked working with in this entire season … other than Lisa? And Debbie Gibson? Even with Debbie, Aubrey hated her at first! Has she given ANYONE positive reinforcement or even liked or considered other people’s ideas over her own? While she admitted this fault she tried to be more of a team player — for a week. Then she became project manager and didn’t allow anyone to contribute.

Vote and share your comments below on who you think is the worst villain of this season. And don’t forget to tune in on Sunday at 9pm for the latest episode.

Esther Gim
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