The Voice is getting down to the wire — tonight is the semifinal round where the Top 5 will perform in a downsized round.

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The Voice will air for just one hour so that The Sing-Off can get a big lead-in at 9pm.

Unfortunately, no set list has been revealed. But with five performances packed into one hour, it’ll be a quick episode — but the stakes even higher since there’s no second chance to fall back on. 

So enjoy the ride before next week’s finale.

Welcome to The Voice live blog!

The Top 5 (“Best Day of My Life” by American Authors)

Is it just me or is something seriously wrong with Cole’s microphone in the beginning? James’ jacket — wow, I knew ties with that wallpaper print were popular, but I’ve never seen it on a jacket. Also, Jacquie is looking extra adorable tonight.

There are some flat notes and straining moments — looking at you, Will and James. They sound better as a whole than alone.

James Wolpert (“With or Without You” by U2)

Adam had his team over to his house for breakfast? How freaking adorable. And he’s got his sexy specs on. Anyway, back to James. U2 was the big plan Adam had for James since last week’s elimination night.

It starts of a liiiiiittle wobbly, but it fits his range and he has great control. He dials it back in the right spots before letting loose in the James-patented way. Still, is the performance enough for the finals? Christina is clearly not feeling it, but she’s probably just ticked off her artist got the boot over James.

Will Champlin (“Carry On” by fun.)

Adam confirms two singers will be eliminated Tuesday night, setting up a final three showdown for the finale. While watching the rehearsals, I’m a little scared that this isn’t a good song choice at all.

Well, it starts off beautifully, and it’s mostly great, but he’s just not hitting the high, big notes. That’s kind of been his problem all along, not nailing it, and I cringe each time I know they’re coming. Also, I’m pretty certain he mumbles over some of the words because there’s one part I completely didn’t understand and the rest of the song isn’t like that. He does give it that anthemic feel that he can do so well, which I didn’t feel with James.

Jacquie Lee (“Angel” by Sarah McLachlan)

How many times has Christina said Jacquie is or she wants her to be soulful? It’s the most overused word with her.

I like that it’s not this overly dramatic, drawn-out performance because let’s be honest: when we hear this song, we all think of neglected pets. I like the arrangement and she makes me forget about puppies and kitties because she doesn’t make it tender. I’m far from wanting to shed a tear — I don’t think Jacquie would’ve been able to perform it that way. Emotionally, I think it takes her some time to get into it, but then she connects. This performance shows she has really grown, and for the first time, there’s great control.

Cole Vosbury (“Shameless” by Garth Brooks)

Haha, Blake takes Cole to the barbershop and Cee Lo’s there. Yeah, we get that Cee Lo regrets letting Cole go, but this is overkill. I mean, I guess that’s really the only way they can get him involved in these shows.

I’m digging this — I can believe that this is his single. The mix of country, soul and rock suits him perfectly. I would be pleased if Cole wins this season; however, I don’t think I’d be able to take Blake winning again! Blake reveals how Cole said he wanted to do this particular song, which I think is cool. I’m glad the credit doesn’t go to Blake for this song choice.

Tessanne Chin (“Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon & Garfunkel)

I don’t know how she doesn’t win this season, but this is a sing-ocracy so I can’t be certain. No one can connect to a song like she does. I mean, just look at her during rehearsals — she’s trying to understand the lyrics and gets emotional by the meaning. 

And that last note? Ridiculous. I’m afraid that Adam will lose two singers on Tuesday night, but the one that does make it through, well, it’s his strongest chance to win.

Well, that’s the night, everyone! Can’t believe it’s all over. Come back Tuesday at 9pm on NBC to see who makes it into the Top 3.

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