It’s been two whole weeks since our last taste of Project Runway (darn you, Thanksgiving!). But now we’re back on track, so let’s see which one of our faves will be sent home next.

This week Alyssa tells the designers that the challenge is unprecedented. She introduces their client, Marge Simpson (via satellite, of course) to tell them that she needs them to design a romantic dress for her to wear on her anniversary date with Homer. The only rules are no green, and make it something easy enough for Homie to slip off after he’s had a couple glasses of wine and a six pack of beer.

Marge will wear the winning look in an episode of The Simpsons, although I doubt she’ll be there to judge. She’s no Miss Piggy, you know.

Springfield, New York

Seth Aaron thinks it’s complete B.S. that he was in the bottom last week, which it kind of was. But it’s gotten into his head a bit so now he’s over-compensating. He picks out way too many different kinds of fabric before he nails down a solid concept and so he gets a little lost along the way. He re-designs his look halfway through the first day. And then again after a visit from Zanna. He ends up making FIVE looks in one day. FIVE. And he STILL doesn’t know what he’s going to send down the runway. He even re-starts a new look two hours before the runway! I can’t even believe it.

After seeing Bart Simpson‘s “red” shirt in a still, she’s inspired to make Marge a red dress with a sexy jacket. Zanna worries that there is a bit too much going on.

Irina doesn’t want to take as obvious a route by making a red date dress. She sketches an under-dress tube dress that’s very Marge but with a large peplum made of chiffon and organza.

Korto takes a lot of inspiration from what makes her husband happy after 16 years of marriage. She’s making a midnight blue sequined dress and Zanna seems to love it.

There’s a bit of drama going on with Christopher and Viktor. Apparently Viktor’s mad that Christopher was in the top last week and he was in the bottom. He’s being needlessly cold to Christopher, which doesn’t help Christopher because he’s already not feeling very confident about the challenge. He picked a floral print but he’s worried that it’s looking a bit too young and tea-time for Marge Simpson dinner date.

Viktor is making something that focuses more on his workmanship and taste so he doesn’t land in the bottom again. He’s working on a great metallic top over a black skirt. And he eventually realizes what a big jerk he had been to Christopher all day so he apologizes. Aww! A nice moment between friendly rivals on Project Runway. I’m glad we can all just get along.

Jeffrey is feeling more comfortable after his win. He’s using a dark purple to make his a sexy and futuristic look for Marge. Zanna worries that it may a bit too futuristic for what the challenge calls for, but as usual, he’s confident enough in his design to not change a thing.

Marge’s Runway

This week joining our normal judges Alyssa Milano and Isaac Mizrahi are designer Stacey Bendet, actress Abigail Breslin, and former Project Runway contestant and All Stars winner Anthony Ryan Auld, who is rocking the most offensive haircut I have literally ever seen. It’s like someone drew a thick zebra stripe with a sharpie on the top of his bald head. Anthony Ryan, WHY?!


Irina- Isaac likes Irina’s look with or without the belt, which he says is unusual for him. Abigail says she’d love to wear it and Anthony Ryan loved how it looked so dramatic on the runway. Stacey says it’s the most creative look of the bunch.

Korto- Isaac likes that the dress is easy, casual and almost under-dressed while at the same time sparkly and exuding sex appeal. Alyssa thinks the hem is great and that it’s a classic and timeless design.

Elena- The judges think that Elena’s look is great, but Isaac says the dress is too gorgeous to hide with a sporty jacket. Although the wonderful craftsmanship of the jacket can’t be denied. Alyssa says that Elena makes her excited to be a judge every week.


Seth Aaron- Alyssa says that his look is something she’s seen several times before and is completely unoriginal. Abigail likes the color, but Stacey recognizes that it seems to have been made in a rush.

Jeffrey- The judges are majorly disappointed not just in Jeffrey’s look, but his seemingly lack of inspiration throughout the competition. Issac hates his choice of fabric and thinks his model’s but looks “very wrong.” Stacey can’t get past the styling with the red shoes.

Christopher- Alyssa says that his dress looks like Marge’s vacation dress. Isaac says taking the belt off improves the look but the pleating is still weird on the top.

Irina finally gets some much-deserved love from the judges with her first win. Hooray! The judges and I finally agree on something.

And it comes down to two of the former winners in the bottom: Jeffrey and Seth Aaron. And after being in the bottom four times, Jeffrey is sent home.

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