On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha suffers a health scare. Apollo and Phaedra finally make up. NeNe plans a girls trip to Savannah. Noelle’s dad weighs in on Arthur. And Kandi’s attempt to shop for a wedding dress is thwarted by Momma Joyce.

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Big Momma’s House

Kandi must have attended a different dinner than the one viewers saw during last week’s episode. This week, she’s got the bridal books out and tells assistant and possible man-stealer (according to Momma Joyce) Carmon that things are moving forward. She is under the impression that her overprotective parent has agreed to be more open-minded and communicative. Carmon is still angry that Momma Joyce is spreading rumors about her and Kandi’s fiance allegedly hooking up. Even Kandi recognized how possessive her mother is of her.

Carmon says Joyce won’t be happy until she scares everybody off that she perceives to be a threat to her bond with Kandi. Todd tells Kandi she has to stand up to her mother, but Kandi is having a hard time distinguishing between discussion and disrespect. It’s only a matter of time before this blows up in her face.

Bickering Bickersons

Phaedra’s back from Alabama, but things are still tense between her and Apollo. She feels betrayed, and until Apollo takes Peter’s advice and admits he did wrong by his wife, things aren’t apt to improve anytime soon. Phaedra makes it clear to him that they are a “unit.” She says that if he fell out with any of his boys, they couldn’t call her to chat because she would shut them down.

Instead of just telling Phaedra he was wrong and apologizing, Apollo keeps trying to justify the behavior. He tells her that she misinterpreted what he was trying to say which was that he wasn’t going to go out of his way to be malicious to Kenya. Phaedra states clearly — for the record — that her husband should not be texting Kenya, or any other woman, period, point blank.

This fight is looking to be less and less about Kenya, at least where Apollo is concerned. He’s not taking Phaedra’s attempts to dictate his behavior well. He’s tried to put his foot down and say it’s time to lay the whole quarrel to rest, but Phaedra is not letting him off the hook that easily. Apollo finally apologizes for making Phaedra feel disrespected and tells her that he would never choose another woman over her. Finally!!!!!!

Phaedra says she’s ready to move on. With Phaedra spreading herself thin with multiple business ventures, I think Apollo was just looking for some female attention of any kind. He’s admitted several times that he misses how their relationship used to be. He particularly misses some freaky sex acts, but I digress.

A Trip and a Tumble

Kandi invites the girls as well as members of her entourage to partake in a Cardio Cabaret class. Porsha is noticeably absent, and NeNe drops the bomb that she’s in the hospital. NeNe doesn’t have much in the way of details other that Porsha fainted. Now, I think a trip to the hospital for one fainting spell seems a bit dramatic. A visit to the family doctor first would suffice. So, this begs the question: is there more to Porsha’s health issues than we’re seeing?

NeNe calls Lauren, Porsha’s sister, to see if she can get more information on her condition. Lauren says Porsha fainted while walking down the stairs. Now, that’s a nasty tumble. She also reveals that Porsha’s been having frequent headaches. We all know of at least one that she’s had for months named Kordell. Anyway, the girls find out she’s recovering and none too worse for the wear.

With the news that Porsha isn’t on death’s door, NeNe decides it’s a good time to bring up the idea of a girls trip to Savannah. Nobody is jumping for joy at the prospect of forced quality time, especially after their bus trip to Vegas. In fact, these women should swear to never travel by bus together, anywhere, ever. But NeNe and  Bravo get what they want, so it looks like the RHOA are hitting the road.

My Two Dads

Noelle’s new beau, Arthur, survived meeting Cynthia and Peter, but he’s not out of the woods yet. Cynthia made sure to tell Leon, Noelle’s biological dad, about him so Noelle could get his perspective on the situation. Now that Noelle is dipping her toe into the dating pool, Cynthia and Leon try to figure out what to tell her before she dives into the deep end. Cynthia’s approach is to make it sound as erotic as going to the dentist. Leon thinks that Noelle would and should come to him for the sex talk. He says it only makes sense since he’s a guy.

More Mommy Issues

Kenya has lunch with her aunt, and the discussion turns to marriage and babies. Things are still hot and heavy between Kenya and her mystery man, but she has no plans to rush the relationship just so they can procreate. Her aunt urges her to put marriage on the back-burner and focus on having a child. Kenya’s been a traditional girl up until now, but she’s starting to rethink her old-school ways.

Kenya also thinks, like most women, that the poor choices she’s made in her life can be traced back to a dysfunctional relationship with her mother. Kenya’s mother has been primarily absent, so it’s hard to blame her for the fact that Kenya is a whack job. Even her aunt suggests to her niece that she needs to move on. It feels like Kenya is trying to soften her image.

Dress and Disorderly

Kandi decides to try on wedding dresses to get the wedding planning back on track. Her friend Kwame as well as her bestie and assistant Carmon have come along. Carmon is feeling apprehensive at the idea of seeing Momma Joyce, who is also expected to make an appearance, because of all the allegations Joyce has made regarding Carmon and her relationship with Todd. Momma Joyce scares the crap out of me, and I’m just watching her on TV, so I imagine she’s an intimidating presence in person.

Once Joyce shows up, Kwame tries to keep the conversation upbeat and focused on Kandi. He questions what type of dress she will choose, but all Momma Joyce has to say is that it doesn’t matter. She doesn’t expect to actually see her daughter walk down the aisle, at least not with Todd. Carmon comments on what a terrible thing that is for Joyce to say, and Joyce starts hinting around about Carmon’s inappropriate relationship with Todd. I do wonder if, at the reunion, viewers will find out Momma Joyce had it right all along. After all, she sees much more than we do.

Carmon calls Joyce out on her behavior, the one thing Kandi doesn’t have the nerve to do. Momma loses her cool and starts to charge Carmon. Luckily, Kwame is there to hold her back. Kandi walks out in the midst of this ridiculousness wearing a beautiful wedding gown. She’s clueless as to what has transpired. Carmon questions why Joyce even bothered to come. My best guess would be because it’s easier to ruin the experience if she’s there.

The ladies retreat to their respective corners to calm down. Joyce and Kandi’s aunts pin the whole mess on Carmon. Eventually, everybody comes together to offer some support to Kandi. But the mood is spoiled, and it’s doubtful she’s going to get through too many more outfit changes.

The minute she heads for the fitting room, Joyce starts right up. She tells Carmon to leave, and when she refuses, Joyce lunges again. Sure enough, Kandi comes out ready to go home. She had hoped that the opposing factions could get along for just a little while, but no such luck. Carmon puts some space between her and Joyce just as the woman gets revved up for another possible attack.

Even though Kandi’s moment is spoiled, her family members urge her to try on another dress. To keep things from escalating or getting worse, Kandi agrees to do so. It seems like they were just setting her up for a fall because as soon as she reappears in another dress, both aunts and her mother make it clear they don’t want Kandi to get married.

Carmon tells Kandi her side of the story, and Kandi refuses to speak disparagingly against her mother. Carmon tells her it’s time to put on her big girl pants and deal with Momma Joyce.

Next week, the ladies head to Savannah. I wonder how that will work out.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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