May the battle rounds continue! We are still watching the contestants sing, two-by-two on The Voice tonight. I know, I know you may be tired of the celebrity coaches wearing the same outfits every single Monday. I’m sure tired of that strange, tiny hat sitting atop Christina Aguielra’s puffy bush of hair. (I love you, Christina, I do.)

Tonight’s episode won’t showcase just any old battle rounds. Noway! There will be interesting and mind-boggling pair-ups that will leave you saying, “Really??” Yes, really!

Team Adam
Advisers: Alanis Morisette & Robin Thicke

Battle: Pip vs Nathan Parrett
Song: “You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse

Oddly enough, both Pip and Nathan sound like the same old soul in their joint rehearsal. When singing in front of Alanis Morisette, Pip is told that “restraint” will be his best bet. So, don’t put your all into it? Okay. Robin Thicke wants to see Nathan “take his hands out of [his] pockets.” That’s the exact thing that I would hope to hear when looking for guidance from top-selling artists.

May the reality competition gods strike me down as I type, but I think the most exciting aspect of this performance is Pip’s black and purple checkered pants. Both he and Nathan are being described as “soulful,” yet I don’t feel as though my soul was touched. It sounded like they were both trying too hard.

Blake says “I lean towards Pip.” Christina believes Nathan’s “voice commands more attention.” Cee Lo shrugs and says “Nathan stole it.” Adam saves…

Winner: Pip
Good for him. (That was sarcastic).

Team Cee Lo
Ne-Yo & Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds

Battle: Erin Martin vs The Shields Brothers
Song: “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” by Tina Turner

Whaaaaaaaaaat?! Talk about a crazy pairing! So it looks like Erin is already anticipating being drowned out. She’s trying to override Cee Lo’s arrangements in order to make her voice be heard over the brothers’ shouting. Sing out, sweetie. “Babyface” wants The Shields Brothers to show their “vulnerability.” He and Cee Lo nod in agreement, but I hear some guys singing off key. Erin is hit with “I don’t believe you,” from Ne-Yo. Erin has to be “sexy” because this is a “grown woman’s song.” This is a family show, right?

This is…. strange. Erin has this soft, quirky, breathy voice. Then The Shields Brothers come in with their 80s rocker vibe. They may not be the best singers, but I think I would rather have the brothers than Erin onstage right now. Sorry, Erin, go back to the runway. Her shoulder pads are definitely worth some sort of fashion statement.

Adam can’t say anything but “that was so weird!” Blake is happy Erin wore her Mad Max inspired burlesque costume. Christina talks way too much then finally picks The Shields Brothers. Cee Lo will most likely go with the pretty one, standing before him.

Winner: Erin Martin
Comments: Apparently, sex does sell.

Team Christina
Advisers: Jewel & Lionel Ritchie

Battle: Ashley De La Rosa vs Jonathas
Song: “No Air” by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown

In the joint rehearsal, Christina wants Ashley to “put some push into it.” Are we learning professional artist’s terms tonight on this show? Lionel is given the chance to watch Jonathas perform the song alongside Christina. He says that he gets lost in those “blue eyes.” Too bad your married with kids, Jonathas. Calm down. Jewel just wants Ashley to have confidence during the battle. It really wasn’t as exciting as the day before, but you can’t win them all.

This is super cute. Both Ashley and Jonathas are feeding off one another, staying in character as a couple. Vocals are quite impressive. I’ll say that Jonathas stays on key more often than Ashley. She attempts different ranges and pitches while he might actually stay within a comfort zone.

Cee Lo picks Ashley. Adam also picks Ashley. Blake, once again, picks Ashley. Will Christina keep the chain going?

Winner: Ashley De La Rosa
Comments: Christina makes a point with this one saying she tried more, showing she wanted it. I have to respect that.

Team Blake
Miranda Lambert & Kelly Clarkson

Battle: ALyX vs Jermaine Paul
Song: “Get Out Of My Dreams, Get In To My Car” by Bobby Ocean

This one just makes me uncomfortable. It’s obvious that Jermaine has more experience, being Alicia Keys’ backup singer. So ALyX has quite a bit standing against her. She’s scared out of her mind and it shows. Miranda isn’t sure that ALyX has ever had fun and cut loose; she wants her to be a “jackass.” She means it in a nice way. Kelly Clarkson flat out offers Jermaine a job, opening for her on tour. I would consider that my time to walk. Who needs The Voice when you have an idol? (See what I did there?)

Jermaine gets the crowd pumped up from the jump and a point and grin from Christina is never a bad thing. ALyx is giving good effort. She’s not as stiff and stationery as I was anticipating. There is really no way that she can compete with Jermaine’s stage presence, though. Um… then once the music stops ALyX shouts, “Sometimes you just have to say ‘What the hell!’!” I can’t see that helping AT ALL!

Christina, Cee Lo and Adam are all pulling for Jermaine. I’m more than sure that Blake will agree.

Winner: Jermaine Paul
Comments: Obviously. That boast at the end did nothing for ALyX. Maybe she should try spelling her name more normal?

Team Adam

Battle: Angel Taylor vs Katrina Parker
Song: “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis

Adam makes it clear that these ladies should “stick with the program.” There shouldn’t be too many runs and vocal Olympic feats and all that jazz that strays from the original tune. Robin wants to “physically feel” what the lyrics are conveying when it comes to Angel. He thinks she can “win the whole thing,” but she’s got to make everyone else believe it. When it comes to the first verse of a song, Alanis likes to think of it as her chance to “clear the cobwebs of terror.” That is awesome advice! I’m using that phrase in everyday life now.

Well, let’s just say Katrina definitely ran through those cobwebs. She opens the song well. Angel carries the torch along for her. This is a great match-up. Can we keep them both? They are both showing good emotion and connecting to their audience. I think Angel may be inching in front of Katrina for the simple fact that something about her pulls you in to want to understand the feelings behind each word that she sings.

Blake believes Katrina “flat out won this one.” Christina compares Katrina’s voice to Adele. Cee Lo says, too, that Katrina would be his choice. Adam has a really tough decision to make.

Winner: Katrina Parker
Comments: I liked her, but Angel was UH-MAZING too!

Team Blake

Battle: Gwen Sebastian vs Erin Willett
Song: “We Belong” by Pat Benatar

So Gwen is a more calm, collected country singer while Erin is the powerhouse of soul. It shows in the joint rehearsal that they’re gelling, but for Miranda, Gwen needs to step it up. Kelly encourages Erin to back off and show the softness of her voice. Things get serious when Erin walks in to speak with Blake one-on-one. Her father’s health has taken a turn for the worst and is only given 24 hours to live. She wants to make him proud, so she will continue on with the competition.

Gwen commits to opening the song and she does it well. I have to give it to her. Going out on that stage and giving it all she’s got when Erin is standing next to her with this heartfelt reason to put her foot in it and stomp out all the competition. Erin is on point with her vocals. Gwen’s voice cracks towards the end, but it may not have been the best choice of song for her.

Christina “gravitated more towards Erin.” Cee Lo goes with Gwen. Adam, if he was “forced to,” would say Erin. Blake has the last word of the night.

Winner: Erin Willett
Comments: Anything but a pity vote. Erin earned this ticket to the live shows.

Well, that concludes the battle rounds for this week. Stay tuned for the final pairings next week on The Voice!

Jilliane Johnson
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