Whether it was because of the single eliminations a week or in spite of them, The Voice has delivered one of the strongest final four episodes ever. Any one of these remaining contestants would be a worthy winner and one that could turn out an amazing album. While there is nothing to say that all four won’t get a record deal eventually, only one can earn the whole Voice winner package. Here is our best guess for the identity of that lucky contestant. This is who we think will win season 9 of The Voice.

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Who is Not Going to Win?

Jeffery absolutely deserved his spot in the final four through his Twitter Save. That being said, Jeffery had to earn his spot in the finale through Twitter. This would suggest that Jeffery’s fan base, while large enough to get him into the finale, is not as large as his three fellow rivals. Given the fact that Jeffery didn’t do anything radically different in the finale, he probably won’t gain a lot of new fans. He’s one of the few pop artists left on The Voice, but he sings power ballads. The final four has a way more popular (and way more diverse) power ballad singer in Jordan.

Barrett probably has a better chance of winning than Jeffery. The Voice has a very strong country fan base and Barrett is a very good country singer. He also sounds and looks a lot like past winners. Honestly, what is separating Barrett from Craig Wayne Boyd of season 7 besides the fact that I actually like Barrett? If Barrett’s other competition was weaker, this might be a shoe-in for him, but it’s not, so he has quite (ahem) a mountain to climb.

It’s Between Emily Ann and Jordan

It boils down to what it always seems to boil down to on The Voice. It’s a battle between Team Blake and Team Adam. Blake and Adam’s odds of winning each season are better because they are on every season, but they are still the coaches with the most wins. They really do attract superb and winning talent. Season 9 is no different in that regard. Emily Ann of Team Blake and Jordan Smith of Team Adam have consistently given the best performances each and every week. 

Emily Ann and Jordan’s genres are so different, so it can be hard to compare them. What is immediately apparent, though, is that they are on an equal talent level. They’ve never had a bad performance once this season. The finale was as close to a heavyweight bout of singing that we are going to get on The Voice, even including the Battle and Knockout Rounds. Jordan and Emily were switching off the spotlight with each of their alternating performances. Emily Ann might have even stolen the title at the end with her amazing rendition of “Burning House”. (It is one of the first Voice singles I’ve bought off of iTunes in a quite some time.) However…

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Who Will Win The Voice Season 9?

As good as Emily Ann is, and she’s very good, Jordan is kind of unstoppable. Blake loves to blow smoke up his artists’ collective rear ends, telling them they are the best thing to happen to country music in a long time. It’s not smoke in Emily Ann’ s case. She does have what it takes to make it in that genre. She probably just can’t topple the juggernaut that is Jordan on The Voice.

The iTunes charts aren’t everything. Jeffery was three overall in the semifinals and still needed to be saved by Twitter. iTunes is still the best and most easily available barometer of success on The Voice. Jordan toppled Adele for the number one overall spot in the semifinals. Every week, Jordan’s had at least one song in the Top 50 since the live shows started. As of this writing, all three of Jordan’s songs from the finale are in the overall Top 10. To be fair, Emily Ann is in the Top 10 as well, but she only has two songs compared to Jordan’s three. Jordan is also ranked higher than Emily Ann. 

Jordan also just makes sense as a winner of The Voice. He’s like Sawyer Fredericks, the winner of season 8. Jordan doesn’t look like he should have his killer voice. He’s very likable, but he doesn’t have a “star quality” personality. He’s a regular guy who has a voice and talent that is extraordinary. At the end of the day, that’s what the winner of The Voice should represent, the usual person who can do something unusual and amazing.

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The Voice season 9 finale airs Tuesday, December 15 at 9pm on NBC.

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