Season 27 of The Amazing Race might have produced a lackluster final three but it still has produced a final three. This means there is a finale to be had and that’s something to be excited for, even if it would be sickening for 2/3 of the final teams to win the grand prize. Yet one team has to win, despite how you or I might feel about them. Here are our best guesses from the winner of The Amazing Race season 27. 

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Who is Not Going to Win

They may have come in first place in the penultimate leg of The Amazing Race but it’ll be a cold day in hell before Logan and Chris stand a good chance of winning the whole thing. Their crazy dysfunction hasn’t sunk their race yet. They made it to the finale and even survived a Double U-Turn. However, Logan and Chris’ survival probably has a lot to with their ability to stick near better teams like parasitic feeder fish who have great contempt for each other. The Amazing Race is usually pretty good at devising ways for the teams to separate in the finale and on their own Logan and Chris’ insecurities will be their downfall. This leaves Kelsey and Joey to duke it out with Justin and Diana.

Kelsey and Joey vs. Justin and Diana (Final Round)

These two couples have been duking it out all season. Actually, “duking it out” is an unfair description. It’s more accurate to say that Justin and Diana have been frustratingly beating Kelsey and Joey all season for first place.  It would be a great story if Kelsey and Joey finally beat Justin and Diana in the one leg that really matters: the final one. Kelsey and Joey are also the only team in the finale who aren’t openly hostile with their partners. They are as boring as anything but they are kind of likable cardboard cutouts of humans. Cardboard personalities beats Justin’s noxious everything any day of the week in terms of likability. But it won’t beat Justin (and Diana) in The Amazing Race. Justin and Diana’s problems in the race is that they make one mistake and it steamrolls into even more mistakes. These incidents are so rare though and they just had a leg like that in week 11. It would seem foolish to hope for back-to-back terrible legs. Justin can be incredibly arrogant and cocky, despite his protestations to the contrary, so it could happen. It’s just not likely to happen. Which means, as sad as it sounds, Justin and Diana will be the winners of season 27 of The Amazing Race.

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