The Amazing Race season 27 has reached its final finish line. After a season of traveling around the country, sweating, swearing and yes, counting their FitBit steps, one team will be crowned the winner. Our predictions have Justin and Diana winning the race but will they be so lucky and will we be so unlucky to watch them win? That question will of course be answered in this, the final episode of The Amazing Race season 27, “We Got a Chance, Baby!”. (Though the real question is when and where will Logan finally break up with Chris because she’s clearly been dying to do it all season.)

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New York’s Finest

All the teams get on the same plane to go back to the States for the final leg. They are going to New York, a location which Justin is an expert in and so Justin is super smug and basically thinks he has already won The Amazing Race. Raise your hand if you’re tired of Justin’s cocky crap. I’m just going to assume all of your hands are raised. 

Once the teams touch down in New York, they must go to the Roadblock which is at the New York Fire Department. The selected team member must complete a training exercise that all firefighters go through. Once that is done, the team member must put the capitals of all the countries they have visited in chronological order. 

On the way to the Roadblock, Chris promises that today he is going to be a warrior and not a whiner. It should come to no surprise though that Chris proceeds to whine through the entire Roadblock. The firefighter suit is too heavy. The equipment weighs a lot. The fire scares him. Enough already. The teams finish the Roadblock in this order: Justin and Diana are in first, Kelsey and Joey follow next and Logan and Chris are in the rear.

Cab Driver Drama

Justin and Diana run to the where the cabs are being kept. Justin announces that they have to go to Belmont Park next. When Logan and Chris’ driver learns this, he is so not interested. He decides to go home instead. This man is my personal hero of laziness. It helps that he refuses to take Justin and Diana as well. Justin and Diana are forced to get on a bus to find a taxi.

Since Justin and Diana scared off Logan and Chris’ driver, those two are without a cab. So Logan and Chris try to jump in and steal Kelsey and Joey’s cab. Joey shows the most personality he has in the entire race when he yells at them to get out of his taxi. Chris walks out with his tail between his legs while Logan berates him. 

Sometimes Logan and Chris are irritating beyond belief with their arguing. Sometimes they are oddly entertaining. This incident is one of the latter. It is only enhanced by the fact that Chris is still wearing his firefighter pants from the Roadblock!

Catching Lobsters for a Million Dollars

Anyway, while Logan and Chris find a bus like Justin and Diana, Kelsey and Joey make their way to the next challenge. The teams must to take a helicopter to The Hamptons and onto the beach. Once they make it to the water’s edge, the teams must hop on a jet ski and find a lobster boat in the ocean. 

Once the lobster boat is located the teams must haul up lobster cages from the bottom of the ocean. While this sounds straightforward, it is a big ordeal. All the teams struggle with it. The highlight is undoubtedly Chris pulling so hard that veins are popping out of his neck while Logan lazily remarks about how difficult it looks from the sidelines. 

Kelsey and Joey arrive and finish first. Then they start work on the second part of their challenge, arranging all the flags of the countries they visited in order. Kelsey and Joey have studied and anticipated this challenge and make quick work of it. Justin and Diana have also studied. Logan and Chris have not and don’t do so hot. I know, it’s shocking. 

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The Final Stretch

Once the flag challenge is done, the teams must go back to the shore. Justin and Diana are trailing right behind Kelsey and Joey. The teams hop on dune buggies and drive to their next clue location. Once they arrive, there is yet another memory challenge. The teams must assemble an Adirondack chair. On the back of the chairs there is a picture that relates to an activity that occurred on each leg of the race. Just like everything else on this final leg the teams must arrange the chairs in order. 

Kelsey and Joey get a good head start but Justin and Diana shortly arrive after them. Justin decides that he must be as obnoxious as possible, so we get the standard whooping, screaming and blathering about how they are the best. At least this time, he praises Diana instead of detailing her many apparent failures. 

The Winner is…

Kelsey and Joey have a few stumbles but so do Justin and Diana. Kelsey and Joey overtake Justin and Diana for the first time in The Amazing Race and make their way to the finish line. Kelsey and Joey win The Amazing Race! Or better yet, Justin loses The Amazing Race

Justin and Diana comes in second and Justin cries, “I don’t care.” They are already have close to 7 vacations and a cash prize. Justin’s sadness about losing is even more unsympathetic when he details all their prizes won through his tears.  

Logan and Chris come in a very distant third. When they arrive, Phil asks the two of them if they plan to be together because they seem to hate one another. Logan and Chris promise to stay together but it’s not like they were really going to admit it to breaking up on national TV anyway.

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