For the first two seasons of The Voice, the finale always featured one artist from each of the four coaches. That may no longer be the case.

The rules for season 3 have been changed so that, once the show reaches the Top 12, two singers will be eliminated every week leading up to the finale, based on America’s votes. The twist is that it won’t matter what team the singers are on. If the two lowest vote-getters are from the same team, both could be eliminated.

Since each coach will have three singers heading into these rounds, it’s entirely possible that the finale could feature singers from just two coaches, or even one if the rules also change to have a two-person finale instead of four.

To help better understand how the season will unfold, here’s a quick guide.

Monday, October 29: Knockout Rounds, Part 1
-The coaches pit two of their own singers against each other and choose one to move on.

Tuesday, October 30: Knockout Rounds, Part 2
-The Knockout Rounds conclude as 20 singers move on.

Monday, November 5: The Playoffs, Part 1
-The 10 remaining singers from two teams will perform for your votes.

Wednesday, November 7: The Playoffs, Part 2
-The 10 remaining singers from the two other teams will perform for your votes.

Thursday, November 8: The Playoffs, Results
-The top two vote-getters from each team will move on. The coaches will then get to pick one of the three remaining singers to move on as well.

Monday, November 12: Top 12 Perform
-The 12 remaining singers all perform for America’s Votes.

Tuesday, November 13: Top 12 Results
-The two singers with the lowest number of votes are eliminated.

That pattern will continue Mondays and Tuesdays until the finale.

As of now it’s still unclear exactly how the finale will work. It seems tentatively scheduled for December 18, but if the show eliminates two singers every week, that means there would only be two singers in the finale, like American Idol. If that’s the case, then there’s a chance one coach could have both singers in the end and be guaranteed the victory.

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