The final night of The Voice single eliminations for season 9 is here. Ten contestants will enter, but only 9 will leave for the semifinals. From the results of our own poll, many of you think that Braiden Sunshine will be going home (though Korin, as always, is coming in a close second). Is Team Gwen really going to lose a member this time? Find out by following along with our live blog of The Voice.

As mentioned, this is a live blog, so refresh every 10 minutes or so to get the latest updates, information and my sarcastic commentary.

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R. City and Adam Levine Open the Show

This is probably one of the best coach performances yet this season. Though, to be quite honest, that bar wasn’t incredibly high. This is much better than Adam’s performances with his own team, at the very least.

The First Saves of the Night

The first saves of the night are Emily Ann Roberts from Team Blake and Jordan Smith from Team Adam. No surprise on either front there.

This is the point where I wish I could just jump in a time machine to the end of the broadcast. That’s when the actually interesting part with the bottom two happens. Of course, then I wouldn’t be able to (kinda) see Sia. I say kinda see because of the stupid huge wig that Sia always has on.

Dolly Parton is Coming to The Voice

Dolly Parton is coming to The Voice in the semifinals as a mentor. While that is an exciting bit of news, the best part of the announcement is how Carson responds to the news. He is aware of how people react to good news, right? Not like a robot with a creepy pasted smile on their face? Ah, who cares? It is Carson. Why expect some real spark of humanity from him nine seasons into The Voice

The Next Safe Artists Are….

Jeffery Austin from Team Gwen is the next artist who is safe. Again, no one is surprised. Team Blake is the next group to have a safe artist. It’s Barrett Baber. Barrett Baber and Jeffery Austin are moving forward to the semifinals. Well done, The Voice voting public. 

Two More Artists Moving to the Semifinals

Is it just me or does Braiden’s answer to Carson’s (stupid) question sound like he thinks he is going home? I mean, he’s probably right, but that answer seems like way more of a goodbye to The Voice than anything else. It also doesn’t even really answer Carson’s question.

America saves Madi Davis, which means Team Pharrell will be in the semifinals. Good for Pharrell.

Amy Vachal is also safe on Team Adam. I’m happy for Amy. I’m embarrassed that Carson announced Amy’s safety by saying, “Brooklyn representin’ in the semifinals!” Just stop, dude.

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Sia Performs “Alive”

I actually really appreciate and understand Sia’s reasoning behind her wigs. They don’t have to look this ridiculous, though. Maybe it’s just the comically huge bow on top. As for the song, I really like it because Sia has a voice as big as her many wigs. I even like hearing her voice crack during the performance because it proves she is really going for it and singing. The Voice stage is also no stranger to having on artists who can’t see, aka Braiden in every other live show besides the Top 10.

The Bottom 2 is Unveiled

Zach Seabaugh from Team Blake and Shelby Brown from Team Adam are safe. That means that someone from Team Gwen is going home. It will either be Braiden or Korin. It must suck to be Korin right now. She really should go home this time. Braiden probably had a worse performance overall than Korin, but being in the bottom every week is kind of unforgivable.

Korin Performs “Try”

This is … um, painful. Mostly because we have to watch Korin go through this process again. She seems like a really nice person, despite her propensity for being in the bottom two. Korin forgetting the words is just a real shame. The Voice proves why it is one of my favorite reality shows in the aftermath of Korin’s performance. The coaches are so positive and nurturing to Korin.

Braiden Performs “Harder to Breathe”

You can’t blame Braiden for picking a Maroon 5 song. It saved Korin once, though this a weird song choice. When did Braiden become a pop/rock artist? Whatever, Braiden and Korin could both go home and I’d be okay with it. I guess I pick Braiden. Braiden at least has the “decency” to make things even with Korin by forgetting the lyrics too.

The Artist Moving into the Semifinals Is…

It looks like Braiden is going to be safe according to the live results from the Twitter Save. This is closest that the Twitter Save has been this season, but Braiden has a solid lead over Korin. The final results have Braiden winning the save. Braiden is going to the semifinals and Korin is going home.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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