I know I should stop being surprised by The Vampire Diaries, but it still manages to get me every time. This week we get a lot of answers about Katherine’s history and the curse. We also meet three interesting new characters, but by the end of the episode, one of them is dead, one reveals a big secret about himself and the other reveals an even bigger, twistier secret about himself.

For answers on why Klaus is after her, Elena goes to the tomb for Katherine’s brief history of her 500-plus years on this planet. She’s originally from Bulgaria, but after having a baby out of wedlock that was given away by her parents (hence the existence of her bloodline), she’s sent away to England. There she meets Klaus (still unseen, so I’m guessing The Vampire Diaries is saving him for later).

We learn that the curse of the vampires and werewolves was sealed with Petrova blood, so the doppelgangers were created to break it. Upon learning that Klaus wanted to sacrifice her, Katherine stole the moonstone and used Trevor and Rose to trick them into turning her into a vampire so she couldn’t be sacrificed.

Yeah, there’s a whole lot of exposition this week, but luckily we get to see Trevor again, with his pretty little head still attached to his body. In addition to the sacrifice of the Petrova doppelganger, the curse needs a werewolf, a witch and a vampire. In other words, Tyler, Bonnie and Caroline. This I bad news for Elena, because it means all of her friends are in danger, and it’s all because of her.

Stefan and Caroline
These two spend the episode bonding as she reveals the fact that she told Tyler that she’s a vampire. Stefan reveals that he likes Caroline because she reminds him of Lexi. OK, this is now the third episode in a row with a reference to Lexi. Either I’m crazy, or this is very, very important to something huge coming soon.

Jeremy, Bonnie and Luka
Jeremy finally asks Bonnie out on a date to the Grill, but the romance is short-lived since Luka, the hot new student who instantly catches Bonnie’s eye, arrives. At the Grill she sees Luka and his dad, a doctor who knew some of Bonnie’s relatives in Salem, Massachusetts. In the end we find out that Jeremy is in real trouble at the start of this love triangle because Luka and his dad are warlocks (aka boy witches). Poor Jeremy, how can he possibly compete with that?

Damon and Rose

Finally, Damon goes on an adventure with Rose to track down Klaus, and it leads to the most awesome character this show has seen in a while, Slater. He’s a vampire nerd who spends his eternity collecting doctorates and knowing every detail about vampire history. Later Damon decides to get over his love for Elena by sleeping with Rose, which is an excellent excuse to get Ian Somerhalder to take his shirt off for the first time this season.

Slater seems to help out by calling Rose to tell her the curse can be broken, but they’ll need a witch. However, his help isn’t genuine as he’s being compelled by Elijah. Yes, Originals can compel other vampires, which would be cool, but then Elijah compels Slater to stake himself. Damn you, Vampire Diaries! Slater kicked so much butt and I wanted him to stick around a lot longer than just one episode.

The biggest twist of the night, however, comes when we find out Elijah is not alone. He’s working with someone else: Luka’s father! I knew that guy was evil, but I never imagined he’d be THAT evil. Once again, it seems Bonnie’s relationship is just a plot to get closer to Elena. That’s why you should always choose Jeremy.

Sadly, The Vampire Diaries is taking a little hiatus, but a new episode returns December 2. Now I know what it’s like to be Katherine trapped in the tomb.

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