Supernatural answered a lot of major questions about season 6. We know Crowley brought Sam and Samuel back to Earth to help him collect Alphas to find the location of Purgatory and we know that Crowley has Sam’s soul. But there’s still one big question: Where did the Alphas come from?

In “Family Matters” Sam asked the Alpha Vampire a question I’ve been wondering all season: If he’s the first of his species, where did he come from? It’s an age-old question about what came before the beginning, and the Alpha Vampire provided a cryptic answer, saying that “We all have our mothers. Even me.”

So who is this mysterious Alpha Mother? While I hesitate to play another guessing game about the identity of a mother after spending more than five seasons watching How I Met Your Mother, this one has me thinking, and there has to be a limited number of possibilities.

Right now, here are my top four guesses about the identity of the Alpha Mother.


Sure, she’s dead, but since vampires go to Purgatory, maybe demons do too. Regardless, we know that Lilith was the very first demon created by Lucifer, so it could make sense that the original demon also spawned all the other monsters and creatures.


I’m still convinced that Chuck Shurley is God, but perhaps the true God is gender neutral and can be referred to as either male or female, mother or father. Ignoring the gender issue, it makes sense that God is the being who created the Alphas since, based on religion, God is also the source of humans.

Mary Winchester

I’m not even going to pretend this one makes sense, but since the Alpha Vampire used the word “mother,” Sam and Dean’s mom was the first image that popped into my head. If she really is the Alpha Mother, it would also support at least part of my largely incorrect original theory that either Sam or Dean (or both) are actually Alphas.

Mother Earth/Mother Nature

On a thematic level, Mother Earth or Mother Nature is the most logical source for all beings. I have no idea what Mother Nature would look like on Supernatural, or even if its an actual being and not just a concept, but if Mother Nature is real, then it would make sense that she’s the mother of the Alphas.

Which of my theories sounds the best, or am I completely off-base? Who do you think the Alpha Mother is, or was the Alpha Vampire just messing with the Winchesters?

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