This is the season of the Originals on The Vampire Diaries, and “The End of the Affair” introduced it in a big way. We met another Original (Klaus’ little sister), found out that Stefan actually met Klaus before, and learned that Elena’s necklace is very, very important.

When Stefan Met Klaus

Klaus brings Stefan back to Chicago which results in flashbacks to the 1920s when a dashing Ripper first met Klaus. Why doesn’t Stefan remember? Because Klaus compelled him to forget. We see that Stefan met Klaus’ sister Rebecca, a pretty blonde Original who fell in love with Stefan. They did some serious damage (like making a man drink his wife’s blood), but Klaus and Rebecca had to leave when a mysterious newcomer with wooden bullets came looking for them.

He’s played by Sebastian Roche (last seen as Balthazar on Supernatural) and if Klaus is scared of him, we know he’s one major bad-ass. The list of people Klaus is afraid of has to be very, very short, so my first guess is that this man will turn out to be Klaus’ father, the Original Daddy.

Rebecca wanted to stay with Stefan, which is why Klaus staked her with the magical, Original-killing stake and ash. That makes three Originals we’ve seen, and six still unaccounted for.

Showdown in Chicago

In the present day, Damon and Elena track Stefan to Chicago thanks to a phone call from Katherine, who is up to something since she’s secretly in Chicago too. They drive up to try and bring Stefan back, but it all goes horribly wrong. Elena reads Stefan’s old diary and finds out it essentially took Lexi about 13 years to get Stefan off of human blood, and then another 30 years to get him normal. So Elena’s hopes to save Stefan might take some time, especially since he tells her in no uncertain terms that she needs to stop and let him go.

The Original Witch

Klaus went to Chicago to find an old witch named Gloria for advice on why he can’t create hybrids. She needs to contact the Original Witch, but can only do it with Rebecca’s help, which is why Klaus brings her back to life and reignites the flames of passion between her and Stefan. Unfortunately what Gloria needs is an ancient necklace Rebecca wore which fell off as she was leaving in the 1920s, and which Stefan then picked up, something Katherine secretly saw. It’s the same necklace he eventually gave to Elena. Who knew that simple piece of jewelry would be so damn important?

Daddy-Daughter Bondage Time

The only story back in Mystic Falls this week is Caroline, who’s being locked and tortured by her dad. He’s pulling a Clockwork Orange-style trick, trying to get his daughter to associate blood with pain so she can control her urges. It’s cruel, but there’s a sweet reason behind it, because he thinks, otherwise, he’d have to kill her.

Bill succeeds in learning about the magical day rings, but then Sheriff Forbes and Tyler show up to rescue Caroline. You don’t mess with Sheriff Forbes.

Next week on The Vampire Diaries: Bonnie finally returns to Mystic Falls while Stefan and Katherine reunite.

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