This week’s episode is preoccupied with high school. There are those who want to go back to school, those who want to forget it and those who never want to leave it.

This is fascinating to me, because I barely remember my high school days.

A Sort of Homecoming

Private First Class Thomas Hill arrives at his family’s house for homecoming. Not only is he back from his tour of duty, but he’s scheduled to serve as Grand Marshall at his alma mater’s homecoming. It’s too bad that he collapses dead in front of a room full of surprise party guests.

The team arrives and begins the usual investigation. Wait, what’s that McGee sees across the street? It’s a cell phone! And there’s a street sweeper just in time to crush it. It doesn’t take too much garbage sifting for the team to find the cell phone, complete with blood.

Golden Boy

Hill was as close to a saint as I’ve ever heard of. Everybody likes him, his adopted military family can’t say enough good things about him, and he has a spotless service record. So why was he hacking into the Virginia Social Services database? And why did someone inject him with a sedative prior to killing him? Could it have anything to do with that box of buried money?

Hard to Say I’m Sorry

All this talk about high school has Tony reminiscing about when he hung Stinky John on the flagpole by his underpants. Tony has apparently been watching the “It Gets Better” YouTube channel because he decides bullying is wrong. He vows to track down Stinky John and deliver a heartfelt apology.

Trouble is, John doesn’t remember the incident as Tony does. It turns out Tony was the one being hung from the flagpole, and he doesn’t quite recall when he turned the story around in his head. I wonder what else Tony has modified in his memory. Perhaps a memory or two about his ways with the ladies? Hey, I’m just saying he has a pretty high opinion of himself in that area.

High School Forever

Turns out Lindsey, who is a foster daughter to the Hills, isn’t 17 after all. She has a pattern of making up a story of abuse, being taken in by a family, and leaving that family just before her 18th birthday. She gets to go to high school time after time (who really wants to take chemistry that many times?) and never leave childhood. Why would anyone do that? Because she was abused by her uncle after her parents died and that made her not want to grow up. I can’t say I blame her, because there’s a lot to be desired about being an adult. Her mistake was stealing money from her uncle’s robbery ring, causing him to go after her and getting Private Hill killed in the process. Now that Lindsey’s secret is out, it’s time for a psych eval, and for the Hills to tell her they still love her.

Did you have any idea that Abby would have gone to her homecoming dance with multiple dates? I can’t say it surprises me! She’s my hero for a reason. Whose high school experiences from this episode surprised you the most?

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