The Supernatural season 7 premiere introduced a new villain to the show’s mythology: the Leviathan. The ancient beast that predates men and angels killed Castiel and took over his body, giving rise to a new and powerful foe.

In this new trailer for the upcoming episodes, we see that Supernatural is leaning on the notion of the Leviathan being a sea monster as it gets into the water supply and makes it so I never want to drink from a water fountain ever again. Enjoy if you can, and pay extra close attention to Bobby’s reaction at the 45-second mark in the video. It’s priceless.

So what exactly is the Leviathan? It appears in most religions, primarily as a sea monster or dragon that represents chaos. It’s generally regarded as indestructible and will rise at the end of time, meaning the world might be in danger of coming to an end yet again on Supernatural.

The Leviathan is also one of the Seven Princes of Hell, representing Envy. In some interpretations, it’s also the basis for a Hellmouth, the entrance to Hell that swallows people.

Basically, the Leviathan is very bad news, and after Sam and Dean have defeated Lucifer and others, a villain that predates man and has no apparent weaknesses might be the greatest challenge the Winchesters have ever faced.

Supernatural airs Fridays at 9pm on the CW.

(Image and video courtesy of the CW)

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