On this week’s episode of Ringer, Bridget starts to get to know Andrew while still trying to find out who is on the other end of the dead guy’s phone. Dial *69 and let’s get to the bottom of the mystery.

Mystery Phone

With the big investment party over, Bridget and Andrew continue to feel each other out and start forming a relationship. While things look to be coming up Bridget, Malcolm is having a bad day. He talks to Bridget about the phone only to be attacked by Maccawi’s men. The good news is that it appears he is being held in the back room of a strip club, so there’s the chance he may hook up with a stripper.

Bridget, while trying to pop open the back of the phone for a serial number, finds a picture of Siobhan and Andrew that seems to be the source of the hitman’s photo. Bridget decides to take the cell phone to a phone store to find out more about who it belongs to, only to find that it is a temporary burner phone. Apparently Bridget never had HBO and couldn’t watch The Wire, because she seems to be completely lost on the concept of a burner.

While this is all going on in America, Siobhan is enjoying the bar life in Paris and meets Tyler, an investment banker. Siobhan’s new identity seems to be Cora Ferrell, but it may be Feral … like a wild dog … get it …?


For being such a help in setting up the party, Andrew decides to send Siobhan to a shady part of town and down a back alley for a surprise present. While looking down skid row for the address, a hulking silhouette of a man appears at one end while one of those evil black SUVs waits at the other. Before Bridget has a chance to shoot another person, Gemma pops out and shows Bridget that Andrew has purchased a private shopping session for her at a high-end clothier. She also finds out that Andrew, who hates ballet, is taking her to Swan Lake that evening (obvious double identity homage).

Meanwhile, Henry decides to drop by and visit Andrew to pull out his investment, which may complicate things for everyone later.

Mystery Phone Rings

After shopping, someone calls Mystery Phone and tells Bridget that she dropped her scarf. The sly dog is watching her! The voice tells her to put the phone on a bench and walk away, while Bridget looks for the caller. The problem is that everyone is on cell phones. I’m sure this is a social critique about America’s latest addiction to technology. Wait, this is Ringer, that’s probably not the case.

Bridget keeps the phone and flees the area, then she finds the name of a divorce lawyer in Siobhan’s things and decides to head to their office to find out more. At the lawyer’s office Bridget finds out that things were near a breaking point between Siobhan and Andrew, and the lawyer thinks that Andrew has hit her. He then alerts her to the fact that Andrew has been hiding a building property and that he may be cheating her out of money. While Bridget is at the lawyer’s, Gemma is called to Andrew’s office to sign the papers to release the investment funds. Looks like Henry didn’t tell her about this little fact and this gets Andrew mad at Olivia for having her sign the forms.

The Long Arm of the Law

Bridget is caught trying to find out more about the property the lawyer told her about when Andrew catches her and forcefully asks her about the visit with the lawyer. Andrew is as pissed as I’ve ever seen an English guy, which really isn’t that much. They are so refined compared to us slobbish Americans. He tells her he isn’t hiding anything and that the property is worthless. She goes to the place and finds out that it is full of asbestos, and so it is worthless. I must confess, I lived in an asbestos house growing up and I turned out fine, so I don’t know what she’s worried about.

While visiting the place the creepy phone guy appears and she flees to Victor for help. Victor wants more info and Bridget is looking for the same and the conversation ends in a stalemate. While all this is happening, Malcolm’s day is only getting worse. Maccawi found his AA sobriety chip and starts brewing a nasty plan. Malcolm still holds firm and gives away nothing.

Girls Night Out

Before leaving with Gemma for Swan Lake, Bridget finds another copy of her hitman’s picture and is told it was her holiday card, so maybe Andrew isn’t trying to murder her after all. Hooray! After the ballet, Bridget shows up and confesses all of Siobhan’s sins to Andrew while dressed in a giant piece of drapery she calls a dress. The two finally start to open up to each other and seem to be becoming a real couple. Back in Paris, Siobhan kicks out Tyler because she is feeling nauseous from that pesky little baby inside of her and ends up silently calling Henry to hear his voice. Malcolm’s day is only getting worse while Maccawi injects him with a ton of heroin. Poor guy.

On next week’s episode, Victor starts to get wise to what’s going on and pursues the truth about Bridget/Siobhan even harder.

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