This week The Vampire Diaries closed the door on Katherine’s story. Literally. For now.

The Lockwood family masquerade ball offered a big set piece for a fantastic episode that saw everyone team up to take down Katherine once and for all. The plan worked, but not without some casualties.

The Plan to Kill Katherine

Damon, Stefan, Alaric, Jeremy, Bonnie and Caroline teamed up for a pretty masterful plan that resulted in Katherine being sealed in a room with Damon and Stefan. The only problem is that Katherine has a witch pal named Lucy who casts a spell that makes Elena suffer every injury Katherine receives, ensuring that the brothers won’t kill her.

Which Witch is Which?

Katherine’s pal Lucy is brought in to help repay a debt when Katherine saved her life, but things take a dramatic change when Lucy learns that there’s a Bennett witch involved.

Bonnie’s presence causes Lucy to switch sides, incapacitating Katherine and letting the Salvatore brothers deal with her as they see fit. Lucy is a distant cousin of Bonnie, and though she leaves, she promises to return. I can’t wait, because Lucy was pretty great and I suspect that the Bennett family history is going to be one of the big upcoming story arcs later this season.

Who Does Tyler Kill?

It’s a bad night on The Vampire Diaries to be one of Tyler’s skanky female followers. First Aimee finally gets what’s coming to her when Katherine uses her as an example of what she’s willing to do by killing her. Then it’s time for Katherine’s plan.

Matt follows through and gets Tyler drunk before they fight, but Caroline interrupts and knocks out Matt. Problem solved, right?

Wrong, because Katherine really does have a whole alphabet full of plans. Aimee’s skanky friend Sara is ALSO under Katherine’s compulsion, and she stabs Tyler only to get thrown into the corner of a desk, dying instantly. And in the blink of an eye, Tyler is now a full-blown werewolf.

Based on the final interaction between Caroline and Tyler, it also seems as though they’re on the verge of sharing their secrets with each other. I also think we might have yet another vampire-werewolf love connection.

Jeremy Casts a Sex Spell

Speaking of new romance, Jeremy spends most the episode casually flirting with Bonnie, ultimately giving her a ride home. Both of these characters haven’t been too lucky in the love department, so I fully endorse a Jeremy-Bonnie love story.

Katherine’s End and a New Beginning

In the end, rather than kill Katherine, Damon gives her the rather fitting punishment of being sealed into the tomb along with the moonstone. She’s gone for now, but since we still don’t know anything about the moonstone’s purpose, she’ll probably be back.

Katherine also dropped a lot of hints that Elena is in danger and that someone is after her, most likely due to how Katherine came to possess the moonstone in the first place and why she had to fake her own death. Damon ignores her warnings, which is bad since the episode ends with a masked figure kidnapping Elena.

Just when you think it’s done, there’s a whole new crop of characters to contend with. Next week we meet Rose and Elijah, who certainly have a lot to do with Katherine.

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