How convenient! Right after I got done writing a confused rant about Ryan Murphy’s possible big screen Rocky Horror remake, and speculating about how next week’s Glee tribute episode might try to slip past the double-edged-swordedness of performing the cult classic play, we get our first glimpse at what the episode will look like. And I’m happy to report: So far, so good. See for yourself!

Watch Kurt as Riff Raff, Quinn as Magenta, Finn as Brad and the rest of the Glee club perform the quintessential Rocky Horror number, “The Time Warp,” in rehearsal for their play performance at McKinley High:

They did the “Time Warp,” alright. Fun and energized, and not too polished–I like it! Plus, how great is Chris Colfer as Riff Raff? Both his and Dianna Agron’s facial expressions and mannerisms were spot-on. And I think that my theory is holding true: The more songs get performed as rehearsals, the more impressive they look and sound, and the fewer criticisms we can all throw out about whether they hold up to the original. Clever, Ryan Murphy!

What do you think of the Gleeks’ “Time Warp” rehearsal? Listen to the rest of the songs in next week’s episode, and then check out more photos from next week’s episode:

(Image courtesy of Fox)