Who says you can’t be serious and funny? Here are our 15 favorite hilarious episodes of the CW drama Supernatural.

#15 “The End”

Season 5, Episode 4
Sure, the post-apocalyptic future was bad, but through all the action and drama this episode had one of the funniest subplots ever: Future Cas as a pot-smoking, orgy-loving dude.

#14 “Fallen Idols”

Season 5, Episode 5
Paris Hilton as a demon? That alone is worth the price of admission.

#13 “Hammer of the Gods”

Season 5, Episode 19
Seeing all the gods provided some solid comedy, as did Gabriel’s return and the quick Ghostfacers promo, but the real comedy gold came in Gabriel’s secret porno message for Dean.

#12 “A Very Supernatural Christmas”

Season 3, Episode 8
The emotion of the childhood flashbacks was very dramatic, but the cheerful pagan gods wearing Christmas sweaters and Sam and Dean exchanging Christmas gifts purchased from a gas station made it pretty funny.

#11 “It’s a Terrible Life”

Season 4, Episode 17
Dean as a yuppie corporate executive who eats salads and thinks the Ghostfacers are geniuses was as good as it gets for comedy.

#10 “Chris Angel is a Douchebag”

Season 4, Episode 12
For the title alone, this episode deserves to make the list, and when you add in the magical comedy, and Dean being sent to an S&M dungeon, you have a pretty funny episode.

#9 “Tale Tales”

Season 2, Episode 15
The first appearance of the Trickster brought us an alien slow dance and a funny storytelling device where Sam and Dean relayed their different versions of the truth to Bobby.

#8 “Hollywood Babylon”

Season 2, Episode 18
This episode let the show poke fun at working on a set, and Dean’s obsession with being a PA and enjoying the delicious food provided was very fun.

#7 “Ghostfacers”

Season 3, Episode 13
I understand why some people might not like the Ghostfacers, but I find their absurdity hilarious, and this entire episode had a different look and feel that let their brand of humor take center stage.

#6 “Hell House”

Season 1, Episode 17
The first appearance of the Ghostfacers was also the first real attempt at humor for the show, and with a great subplot of the boys playing pranks on each other, it was a success.

#5 “The Real Ghostbusters”

Season 5, Episode 9
This might be the most wholly funny episode the show has ever done, one big self-referential ode to Supernatural fan conventions, full of some clever jokes at the show’s expense.

#4 “Mystery Spot”

Season 3, Episode 11
The Trickster was always good for a laugh, and even though watching Dean die many, many times might seem sad, the Groundhog Day inspiration made it very funny.

#3 “Bad Day at Black Rock”

Season 3, Episode 3
The rabbit’s foot provided plenty of ridiculous comedy and, also, some of the most quotable lines ever, including Dean’s “I’m Batman” and Sam’s “I lost my shoe.”

#2 “Monster Movie”

Season 4, Episode 5
A black-and-white homage to horror flicks, the hilarious shapeshifting Dracula and the sight of Dean in lederhosen

#1 “Changing Channels”

Season 5, Episode 8
Every single TV parody, from the sitcom to Grey’s Anatomy to the Japanese game show to CSI to the genital warts commercial, was comedic brilliance and there’s no denying that this isn’t just the funniest Supernatural episode, but one of the funniest TV episodes period.

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