The big fake controversy of the day surrounds Glee stars Cory Monteith, Lea Michele and Dianna Agron posing for a “racy” photo shoot for the cover of GQ. Apparently “racy” means having two 24-year-old women show a little thigh and shoulder while a 28-year-old man cups their butts.

The Parents Television Council (aka the Fun Police) has objected to the photo shoot, comparing it to “pedophilia” because the characters these 20-somethings play are in high school. I guess that means college girls aren’t allowed to attend Halloween parties as naughty school girls this year.

The photo shoot also includes photos of the girls in suggestive poses, like Lea Michelle enjoying a lollipop by a locker.

leamichelle-lolli.jpgThe PTC has their panties in a bunch over nothing. The Glee GQ photo shoot is, by today’s standards, fairly tame, especially since none of the actors are even close to being underage. Anyone who can’t differentiate between actors in their 20s and the teenage characters they play is clearly not living on this plane of reality.

In addition, the Glee magazine cover is hardly the raciest one ever. It’s barely worth mentioning, because without thinking that hard, we were able to come up with seven much more controversial and racier magazine covers within one minute.

True Blood on Rolling Stone

Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard appeared naked and splattered in blood in a very racy, sexually disturbing cover.

magazine-truebloodcover.jpgJennifer Aniston on GQ

If you want a racy magazine cover you need to shed a whole lot of clothes, and Jennifer Aniston took off everything but a necktie for this one.

magazine-jenaniston.jpgDemi Moore on Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair broke the mold when they dared to put a nude, very pregnant Demi Moore on their cover.

magazine-demimoore.jpgBritney Spears on Rolling Stone

In April 1999, when Spears was just 17 years old, Rolling Stone came out with this cover. Not only was the photo a lot racier than the one for Glee, but the girl was actually a teenager, not just playing one on TV.

magazine-britspear.jpgKim Kardashian on W

It’s all about Kim, and this nude cover with very thin bars that barely cover the naughty bits is certainly more racy than anything Glee has ever done.

magazine-kimkard.jpgThe Dixie Chicks on Entertainment Weekly

When the Dixie Chicks caused a commotion by criticizing then-President Bush, this cover exposed them, literally.

magazine-dixiechix.jpgLady Gaga on Rolling Stone

Very revealing and fully loaded, this cover certainly brought out the big guns.

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(Images courtesy of GQ, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair and W)

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