This week, The Vampire Diaries is filled with heart. Sure, there’s romance, but mostly I’m talking about the huge number of hearts ripped from people’s chests, plus the fact that Stefan, Damon and Luka all get tortured and Alaric gets killed. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Despite the high level of bloodshed, there are also great moments of romance for Caroline and Matt and, most importantly, Bonnie and Jeremy, who finally share their first kiss.

Stefan and Elena’s Good Romance

Stefan and Elena try to have a romantic weekend at a cabin in the woods, but things turn deadly after the werewolves plot a full-scale assault for information on the moonstone, the Petrova doppelganger and the sun and moon curse.

So they get away for a weekend of love without all the nonstop werewolf drama of Mystic Falls. They head to Elena’s family’s cabin in the woods and proceed to have the perfect romantic day. Stefan makes out with Elena, tells her he loves her, makes out with her some more, cooks her dinner, then there’s more making out.

The love goes swimmingly until they find a secret room with Jonathan Gilbert’s lost journals. Things get worse when Brady and Tyler show up to get the truth about the doppelganger and the moonstone. The put Stefan down as Brady chases Elena, but when Tyler learns that breaking the curse means Elena would die, he switches sides and lets Stefan kill Brady. Why does the show even bother introducing new characters if they’re all  going to die so quickly?

Damon’s Bad Romance

Good news, Dawn Olivieri fans, news reporter Andie Star is still alive and Damon’s bathtub buddy is now his girlfriend and part-time all-you-can-eat buffet. They go to this episode’s Mystic Falls special event, a historical society tea party. In fact, all the adults are in attendance: Jenna, Alaric, John, Mayor Lockwood and even Elijah.

Damon wants answers about Elijah’s endgame, but Elijah just causes Damon some severe pain. You don’t mess with an Original. While mending his wounds with Alaric, the bromance is attacked by the werewolf pack, who successfully drug Damon and kill Alaric. At least they think they do, but the werewolves don’t seem to understand that Alaric has one of those magical “supernatural creatures can’t kill me” rings.

Jules and her quirky werewolf sidekick Stevie interrogate Damon about the location of the moonstone, using some disturbing medieval torture device in a scene remarkably similar to when Damon did the same thing to Mason.

The torture ends when Elijah shows up, kills four of the werewolves (but not Jules), and leaves. Between this episode and last week’s Salvatore vs. werewolf rumble in the forest, the wolf population just got a lot more endangered.

Alaric’s Bad Romance

After he recovers from being dead, Alaric calls Jenna to apologize for not meeting her. The bad news is that Uncle John already poisoned her mind by hinting that Alaric has secrets about Isobel that he’s not telling Jenna. Hey, maybe Jenna will finally be clued into the fact that everyone in her family except for her is involved in this vampire stuff.

Bonnie’s Bad Romance

It’s about time the heroes finally got interested in learning the truth about what Luka and his dad did with the moonstone, so Bonnie flirts with Luka and drugs him, allowing her, Jeremy and Caroline to interrogate him about his plans. Luka reveals that he wants to kill Klaus to get his sister back, who has become Klaus’ witch slave. Killing Klaus sounds good, until he reveal that their plan is to do it when he’s weakened after the Sacrifice, as in, after Elena is dead.

Caroline’s Good Romance
Matt confronts Caroline on the fact that she lied to him in the last episode, which puts their love on pause. However, Tyler restarts it at the end of the episode when he tells Matt that even though he has feelings for Caroline, she’s in love with Matt and he needs to be with her. Then Tyler and Jules hopped in a car and left town. I guess that’s the end of Tyler. For now.

Bonnie’s Good Romance

The best part of the episode came thanks to Caroline, who nudged Bonnie into Jeremy’s direction. After Luka’s interrogation Bonnie admitted that Jeremy is super hot and sweet, which is all the opening he needed to kiss her. Finally, those two are getting to business. Long live the love of Bonnie and Jeremy!

Next week on The Vampire Diaries: It’s time for more 1860s flashbacks as we see just how vicious and brutal Stefan was as a vampire.

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