Known best by television fans as the mullet-sporting, PBR-drinking hunter Ash on Supernatural, Chad Lindberg is returning to television tonight. But don’t expect to see him tracking down the paranormal. In fact, during an exclusive interview, he told me fans will be “completely thrown off” by his guest-starring role as bad guy Hicks on The Cape. And he’s OK with that. 

Tell us about your character on The Cape.   

Chad: We are tech savvy assassins who are hired by Peter Fleming (James Frain) to go after The Cape. And my character, his name is Hicks, he’s very eccentric. I think the fans are going to be expecting to see me a certain way, but I think they’re going to be completely thrown off and see me in a whole new light. I’m really excited for them to see it.    

Will your character be a one-time or potentially-recurring character?

Chad: I think it’s definitely open to come back. They like to keep all their villains alive, because you never know what fans are gonna take to which villains. Definitely, I would love to come back, absolutely.  

With The Cape‘s episode order just cut from 13 to 10, what are your thoughts on the future of the show?    

Chad: It’s hard to say. I’ve seen stranger things happen in Hollywood. I think it’s just sort of waiting it out, seeing what happens. I would hope it goes another season, but it’s hard to say.  Who know?  Suit up and fight back, that’s what the show says, hopefully the fans suit up and fight back.    

What sort of comparisons would you draw between Supernatural and The Cape?

Chad: There’s a lot of similar fans in the genre. Supernatural, I didn’t expect for it to become what it became. The fan base is so intense and loyal and completely caught me off guard. The Cape is a lot of fun, you can just let your mind go and just allow it to let you go there. Once they start introducing more villains, I think, people love their villains. And I think it’s got a good heart. I’m hearing this episode is very good next week and I can’t wait to see it.    

Which do you like playing more, the hero or the villain?    

Chad: I like them both. The villain kind of gives you a little bit more freedom, you don’t have a lot of mental dilemmas going on in your head, you know like “Maybe I shouldn’t have killed that person.” I’m having fun playing the villain, it fits with what’s happening in my career and I didn’t expect it, but it’s a lot more fun.    

What upcoming projects are you working on?   

Chad: I’m hoping to get a show of my own. I’ve definitely built a fan base now, within the TV world and I’d love to do something every week that I can enjoy and watch. That’s what I’m hoping for. Otherwise, auditioning, keeping busy and just enjoying this time in my career.    

What would be your ideal character to play if you had a show of your own?    

Chad: I want to play an alien (laughs). I think it’s in the cards somewhere.    

@Steph_R5W asked via Twitter:  Are you attending any Supernatural conventions this year?  Will you be going to the first SPN convention in Brazil?    

Chad: Yes, I’m going to Rome in mid-April, I’m going to Brazil in May. I’m just blown away that Supernatural has allowed me to travel to all these amazing places. Nashville, Vancouver and Boston in the Summer. Conventions are just so much fun, to have one on one with with your fans and build your fan base. It’s been a blessing.    

@yasmymagnante is wondering: What’s your favorite television show? (Past or present.)    

Chad: Miami Vice, growing up, loved it. Now, it would’ve been Lost. I love Sons of Anarchy too, and I’m a big American Idol fan (laughs), I’ll admit that.

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