As always, this week’s episode of The Cape has supplied a bunch of quotable quotes. We have something political, something logical and something that’s just plain creepy. But another thing we should point out: This week is the week when two of the show’s most (seemingly) uptight characters get broken down a bit. The same way, this roundup gets an upgrade: Cue the best moments — and quotes! — of this week’s The Cape, “Goggles and Hicks.”

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Best of the Week, Part One: Orwell becomes a girly girl


Setting aside my (occasional) tendency to fawn over Summer Glau, it’s nice to see that Orwell isn’t as uptight as she seems. I never bought the idea that someone who devoted her entire life to fighting corruption won’t take a breather. (Sure, she has to protect her identity at all costs, but really, Orwell, take five!) Now, don’t get me started on the Orwell-looks-for-Vince’s-tracker scene — I don’t want an Orwell/Cape relationship happening.

Best of the Week, Part Two: Trip gets a crazy/wise buddy


Maybe it’s because Jerry introduced himself to Trip by showing up outside his window all of a sudden (young Ellie from Up is adorable for the same reasons) but Trip, who for the past few weeks has been too isolated, definitely needs someone. And that someone, Jerry, manages to be goofy and wise — someone who gets what Trip is going through, but won’t wallow in it. Will it stop Trip from looking for The Cape? Not exactly — but at least he’ll have other things in his head, like his mom.

And now, the best quotes from last night’s The Cape:

Dana: “How would you like your eggs?”

Vince: “Fertilized.”

Goggles: “That’s when this country started falling apart: when they took away Saturday morning cartoons. Kids don’t have good cartoon role models anymore. And they don’t get enough sugar. Nothing like eating a box of cereal and watching Hong Kong Phooey.”

Scales: “I’m a firm believer in the separation of church and crime!”

Vince: “In war, it’s 23 hours of boredom and one hour of sheer terror. I’m way overdue for some boredom.”

Trip, after too much ice cream: “We didn’t want it to go to waste!”

Jerry: “Mistakes were made.”

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