When Glee does an episode all about Valentine’s Day, I expect it to be full of sweeping romantic gestures, heartfelt songs and lots of love. However, the latest episode, “Silly Love Songs,” just turned out to be one big horror show.

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I’m not sure if it was trying to be romantic and my heart just wasn’t in it, but I was creeped out by nearly every single storyline. Perhaps I took the show too seriously, but here are just six of the events in “Silly Love Songs” that ruined any hope of setting a romantic mood.

Lauren Pummels Santana

I’m all for a little girlfight, but watching Lauren fling Santana across the hall and into the lockers was a little much. Maybe I was supposed to be laughing, but I was more concerned for Santana’s well-being since Lauren could very easily do some real damage. Also, is it really a good idea to send the message to teenage girls that beating another girl’s ass is the way to win a man’s heart?

Santana Gives Finn and Quinn Mono to Expose Them

When I think of romance, I don’t think of infidelity and underhanded plots to expose the cheating through germ warfare. All three of the characters involved are equally to blame for a lack of romance.

Sam Watches Finn and Quinn Kiss

Sam may not think he’s as dumb as everyone thinks he is, but any guy who eagerly watches as his girlfriend kisses her ex-boyfriend isn’t exactly a genius. Surely there are better ways to have Quinn prove that she’s over Finn, but even if there aren’t, letting your girl kiss another man isn’t very romantic.

Finn Tells Rachel There Are No Fireworks

He may have won major points by giving her a gold star necklace, but when Finn admitted to Rachel that there weren’t fireworks when he kissed her like there were with Quinn, it was the opposite of romantic. Congratulations, Finn, you destroyed love.

Tina’s Meltdown

Mr. Schuester politely called Tina’s performance of “My Funny Valentine” for Mike “powerful.” I think the word he was looking for was “cuckoo.” She had an emotional breakdown over the lyrics and wound up on the floor, sobbing over her love for Mike. Someone needs to give that girl a handful of Prozac, stat.

Blaine’s Gap Attack

So Blaine wanted to make a big romantic gesture, that’s fine. But of all the songs in the world, he chose Robin Thicke’s “When I Get You Alone”? That has to be one of the most sexually suggestive and dirty songs he could’ve chosen for a public performance, and the fact that he spent the entire number chasing Jeremiah, who clearly wanted nothing to do with it, only made it that much creepier. My guess is that the show wanted to prove Blaine and Kurt are a good match because they both go way overboard when they get a little crush, but instead, I just felt like they’re both equally creepy and stalkerish.

And even though Blaine and Kurt are the main characters, I can’t help but feel sorry for Jeremiah, who got fired from his job in this dreary economic climate just because of Blaine’s insensitive actions. But Blaine learned a valuable lesson about love, so I guess we’re supposed to forgive and forget. As hot as Blaine is, that’s no excuse to ruin some poor kid’s life.

So what did you think? Was Glee full of romance, or was it a very creepy and messed-up Valentine’s Day?

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