There’s a lot of trouble in the love triangles of Mystic Falls. Now that Damon and Stefan have been freed (temporarily) from the hells created for them by the Phoenix Stone, we can finally refocus our attention on their love lives for a bit. Specifically, let’s go Pulp Fiction and talk about the Bonnie situation. We know that Bonnie ends up with Enzo later on down the road (via a flash forward scene), but why are there so much clear chemistry between her and Damon? Let’s discuss this and who Bonnie should truly be with.

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Vampire Diaries season 7.

Bonnie and Damon

TVD-Bonnie-Damon.gif Bonnie and Damon have too much chemistry for us to ignore. Yes, she ends up with Enzo in the future. That doesn’t mean that their relationship is set in stone, nor does it mean we should discount Damon. He helped her find her mother, their banter is charming and they make an amazing team. With Elena out of the picture (also for now), why can’t there be room for a little Bamon action?

It can feel weird to root for Bonnie and Damon, sure. They have a beautiful and seemingly platonic friendship, why jeopardize that? Their dynamic is fine, right? Wrong. Let’s look at the facts — Bonnie and Damon started out as enemies and became friends. Damon fell in love with Elena, Bonnie’s best friend. Elena is asleep for 60 years. Bonnie and Elena have been through so much together and they both lost someone very close to them. According to the rules of angsty teen dramas, this means there should and will be some serious sparks there.

Bonnie and Enzo

TVD-Bonnie-Enzo.gif On the other hand, we can’t deny we’ve been waiting to see how the Bonnie Enzo relationship will play out. That flash-forward was a major tease and now we’re just left reading into every scene to see what the first major steps will be towards that. If there’s one thing The Vampire Diaries is good at, it’s throwing the bait and dangling it for a long time. Maybe holding this tease over our heads will make us more drawn to the idea of Bonnie and Enzo ending up together. It certainly won’t be happening anytime soon, as Enzo’s got more than enough to deal with outside of his love life. As you most likely know, Enzo was taken away by Matt’s people and he’s currently MIA. Until Enzo returns, we can’t really say for certain how we’ll feel about his expected courtship of Bonnie. Time will tell.

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