Not much has been said about Jonathan Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries and so far, every spoiler about him has been pretty vague, making him mystifying all the more. But luckily, David Anders (24, Heroes) has managed to spill a few details to Starry Magazine about his highly anticipated character on the vampire series that will hopefully help fans understand the mystery that is Jonathan Gilbert.

Warning: This article contains spoilers about David Anders’ character on The Vampire Diaries!

As we mentioned previously, Jonathan Gilbert arrives in Mystic Falls coincidentally or not, just after the tomb was opened. His mission? To stir things up when he fills the void in the Founders Council because of the “lack of Gilberts representing the founding families.”

On the forefront, however, Jonathan will be attending to matters pertaining Elena and Jeremy’s father’s doctor office, which “he isn’t quite ready to give the office up,” according to executive producer Kevin Williamson.

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Still, the question remains: What is Jonathan Gilbert’s nature? Anders reveals that his character is Elena and Jeremy’s uncle and the great grandson of the original Jonathan Gilbert in 1864. Contrary to what some fans think, Jonathan isn’t a vampire. In fact, you might even consider him as a vampire hunter.

“Matt [Davis who plays Alaric] is kind of aligned with the vampires, with Damon and Stefan, whereas I am not aligned. That’s another good te-ta-tet we have cooking up too between me and Alaric. There is plenty of opportunity for duels,” Anders explained.

“Just like his great grandfather, the original Jonathan Gilbert in 1864, he knows far too much about vampires, more than he should know about vampires. So I’m a know-it-all and I hold the information that I have over Damon and Stefan’s heads threatening to expose them in Mystic Falls if they don’t play ball with me. There is a lot more than that which I can’t really go into,” he added.

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Though it’s difficult to pinpoint Jonathan Gilbert’s disposition, Anders says he was cast on The Vampire Diaries as a villain, particularly as a worthy opponent to Damon.

“I’ve been having a lot of stuff with Damon, Ian Somerhalder’s character, and my character is not at all afraid of Damon. We find ourselves in a bunch of pissing contests going toe to toe. My character proves to be a good foe for Damon,” he said.

And if you think that Jonathan Gilbert should be an easy feat for Damon, think again. David Andes is sticking around The Vampire Diaries for “quite a long time, at least through the end of this season and into next season. It all remains to be seen.”

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