The Vampire Diaries is the latest fang sensation sweeping through pop culture, as if the vampire genre hasn’t been saturated enough. With the release of the movie Twilight and the HBO series True Blood, critics are bound to compare and deduce that this is yet another lame vampire series that takes the premise of its predecessors. But the people behind the CW show remains optimistic that it won’t suck for viewers, especially young women. Why? Because “vampires are like bad boys with brains!”

Sure, The Vampire Diaries sounds a lot like your typical vampire plot: a vampire falls in love with a human girl. But executive producer Kevin Williamson assures viewers that the series “quickly comes to a fork in the road and goes in a completely different direction.”

“It’s not Twilight, it’s not True Blood,” Williamson told television critics during CW’s day of the summer network briefings.

And as the series heads further into the season, the tragic young heroine becomes the object of desire for two vampire brothers–one good, one evil–who are at war for her soul and for the souls of her friends, family and all the residents of the small town of Mystic Falls, Virginia.

Since The Vampire Diaries aims at a younger audience, the show offers viewers an attractive cast that includes Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen, Katerina Graham and Candice Accola, among others.

“You meet some dark, mysterious, gorgeous guy, and you want to believe that there’s so much going on behind those eyes – so much wisdom, so much soul and experience. In real life, that hardly ever happens. You just don’t get that. But with vampires, you do,” executive producer Julie Plec said, adding another reason why The Vampire Diaries is sure to pique the interest of young women.

If you’re like me, and you you’re still a little skeptic about The Vampire Diaries, check out the video below. Perhaps this clip will change your mind.  


-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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