Sure, I have yet to watch “Epitaph One”, like I said yesterday.  I’ll be picking up the Dollhouse box set this week.  Before that, I’ll tide myself over with these spoilers from the folks at E! Online–well, technically, from Joss Whedon himself, as said to the folks at E! Online–so connecting the unaired 13th episode with the events of the second season will be easier.

Oh, and the title might be misleading: sorry, I have nothing on Mellie/November/Caroline/whatever she’s called, although I think I read somewhere that Miracle Laurie’s returning somehow.  Not sure, though.  Anyway, spoilers are up ahead, so you know what to do.

First up, Joss hints at a development of sorts for Eliza Dushku’s Echo.  “Echo starts really realizing that as a person, she not only exists, but that she has a mission–that she has something she wants,” he said at the TCA tour.  “This year we are going to see the results of everything she went through last year, particularly the event with Alpha where she was downloaded with all of her personalities.  We are going to see what effect that’s had on her, and we are going to find her to be a great deal less passive and a great deal more directed in what she wants, and that is, of course, going to make her life a lot harder.”

Since he mentioned Alpha, I hope this doesn’t mean Echo will have imprints fighting for prominence inside her head or something.

“And the more she finds out about what is going on around her and the more we find out, the creepier it is going to get, because creepy is what it makes it fun,” Joss adds.  I agree.  Creepy makes it fun.  Maybe this is where the “Epitaph One” connection comes in.

The other bit he revealed revolved around Amy Acker, who, as we all know, was cast in the ABC midseason series Happy Town.  She was, if I remember correctly, just a guest star for most of the first season, and if she doesn’t appear in the second, then it’s a shame, for they’d have some complications discussing what they’d do to Dr. Saunders.  I mean, Whiskey.

But he’s got good news, sort of: she is returning.  “It is not nearly as much as we would like, but we are going to make the most of her in those few,” he said.

At least the Active team underground is still complete.  Or, are they still underground?  Don’t spoil me if you’ve seen “Epitaph One” already.

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: E! Online
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