Friday Night Lights has been getting a lot of love from fans and critics alike, but… maybe not enough fans and critics.

During the TCA tour, NBC’s scripted entertainment chief Angela Bromstad revealed that fans will have to wait until the summer to watch what happens next to the folks at Dillon.

“We just think Friday Night Lights is a sensational show,” she told reporters.  “Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the ratings that we need to have it justify it on the fall schedule.  [Our plan] is to have that as a sort of premiere summer program.”

The bigger plan, she adds, is that they’re looking for summer scripted shows that will remain “on-brand” for the network, and she believes FNL will do just that.

Sounds like a fail?  I can’t tell.  But consider that the recent season of the show aired over the winter and pretty much performed the same.  Maybe a summer airing would mean it has the drama circuit all for itself, right?  Then again, DirecTV viewers will still be able to watch the show over the fall–the rest who rely on network TV will have to wait longer, much longer.

Thoughts, anyone?  Will it work? Will it change anything?  What else?  Personally, at least we still have two seasons (of 13 episodes each, which makes it roughly one whole season) of FNL to go, so that’s enough good news.  Maybe the delay will get to others’ gripes, but we’ll see.

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Zap2it
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Henrik Batallones

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