Who turned the Countess? What’s behind those secrets walls at the Hotel Cortez? And is John truly crazy? Some of these questions have been answered in American Horror Story: Hotel. In “Flicker” a renovation by new hotel owner Will Drake halts for a bit after March’s secret hallway is revealed. And the Countess isn’t happy when her first husband reveals her true loves’ fate.

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What’s Behind That Wall?

Will Drake is eager to get the Hotel Cortez’s renovations underway. So it’s no surprise when crews run into a sturdy steel wall behind a brick wall, he tells them to just knock it down. Two crew members venture behind the wall, which leads them to a fake hotel hallway and two vampire creatures, eager for some blood.

The pair of vampire creatures start to scour the hotel for more blood to rejuvenate themselves. Meanwhile, Iris shows the Countess the hallway and they both worry about what got out as a result of the construction.

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Finding Out the Truth

In 1925, the Countess was an aspiring actress who fell in love with a famous actor Valentino. He and his wife Natasha seduced the Countess, and the three start a relationship together. That is until Valentino was found dead. Heart broken, the Countess visited his tomb every day. One day, Natasha showed up and informed the Countess that Valentino was not dead, but rather turned.

Despite her anger, she listened to the tale of how Valentino was traveling the world and a famous German director turned him so he could be immortal forever. She informed the pair that she was married now, despite still having feelings for the pair. When Valentino suggested that the three run away together after they turn her, the Countess happily agreed.

Her husband, however, had other plans for her. Her husband was none other that Mr. James March, former owner of the hotel and serial killer extraordinaire. He overheard the plan for Valentino, Natasha and the Countess and had a secret hallway built behind a steel wall and then trapped Valentino and Natasha there forever.

Fast forward to present day, the Countess has her monthly dinners with March. She tells him she’s getting re-married again, and he tells her that her former lovers have been behind that wall for years. Needless to say, she’s not happy.

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Over the Edge

John, meanwhile, checks himself into a mental hospital. Turns out, he’s not there for help, but rather he’s there to track down a possible witness to the 10 Commandments Killer. He does a good job of pretending to be crazy, though, I’m pretty sure he is really crazy somewhat.

He seeks out a little girl, who reveals that she’s a killer herself. She says that she’s been to every crime scene with the serial killer. She also reveals that she was turned by the Countess in 1986 and lives at the hotel. John makes her promise to reveal the location of the killer. She says she will as long as John breaks her out of the hospital. John, eager to get the killer, agrees and they break out. But when they get on the outside, the girl just wants to go home to the Cortez, and never gives John any info. As she runs away from him, she gets hit by a truck.

Keep the Reveals Coming

I really like this season so far. It’s right up there behind season one of American Horror Story. I’m glad it’s going back to it’s roots of the dead roaming the place they died. I also really like the pace of the series this season. Each week a little more is revealed about the main plot.

I found it interesting, but not surprising, that the Countess was married to March. It was very interesting how he locked her lovers away and she never knew. And what’s frustrating for her is that she can’t even do anything about it now after all these years. And it seems Valentino and Natasha have other plans of their own as they headed out into the real world after all this time.

There are still a lot of questions to be answered though. For instance, what ever happened with that school filled with vampires? And what’s happened to Scarlett now that mommy is a vampire and daddy is crazy obsessed with his work? Also, how are Alex and Iris fairing with their new immortal status? And will Donovan and Romona ever get their revenge?

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