In every new TV fall season there are not only shows that stand out above the rest but characters too. Whether these are new characters on returning shows or stars of completely new properties, these are some of the best and most memorable characters of Fall 2015. These 12 are the biggest breakout characters of 2015.

#12 Alex Parrish, Quantico

Quantico was originally envisioned as an ensemble drama with no discernible lead. That all changed when Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra joined the cast. Qunatico then became structured all around Chopra’s character Alex. While we’ll never know what Qunatico might have been without Alex or Priyanka, you can’t say it hasn’t worked with her. Chopra shines in her starring role. Alex is a heroine to stand alongside ABC’s other female leads like Meredith Grey, Annalise Keating and Olivia Pope.

#11 Gilda, iZombie

Fans knew iZombie was raising its villain game in season 2 when character actor Steven Weber joined the series. As good as Weber is as Vaugh Du Clark, and he’s very good, he’s been blown out of the water by his assistant Gilda. Gilda is essentially an evil version of Donna from Suits. If that comparison means nothing to you then just know Gilda is the evil mastermind behind the evil mastermind. She’s highly efficient, smart, conniving and she does it all wearing heels in a tiny teeny dress.

#10 Patterson, Blindspot

Blindspot is a starring vehicle for Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe. Jaimie Alexander has been in TV and movies for a while so she can’t really be considered a breakout. Ashley Johnson’s character, Patterson, is the true surprise and unsung hero of Blindspot. Johnson has mostly been known for her voice acting and a very brief cameo in the first The Avengers movie. Patterson is her biggest role by far. She injects Patterson with so much enthusiasm and likable charm that she has easily become the best character on Blindspot.

#9 Merida, Once Upon a Time

Lots of Disney characters have come and gone on Once Upon a Time but Merida is already one of the best. Once Upon a Time has taken one of Disney and Pixar’s weaker movies and created (or modified) a character into one of the strongest in their large cast. Merida will probably go back to her homeland by season’s end much like Elsa and Anna before her, but she really should stick around. She’s strong, funny and fits in perfectly with the rest of the Once Upon a Time cast of fairy tale characters.

#8 Tommy Clarke, Heroes Reborn

We know now that Tommy’s name is technically Nathan but let’s just go with the most accepted and widely used name for him. Tommy was an interesting character before we learned that his mother was really Claire Bennet and he was aged to a teenager through wacky time traveling hijinks. Heroes Reborn has a lot of juggling plots but anytime Tommy was on screen it was guaranteed to be a good one particularly because of actor Robbie Kay’s adept performance. Now that he’s essentially the Luke Skywalker of Heroes Reborn he’s made a quite impression to the overall mythology.

#7 Patty Spivot, The Flash

Patty Spivot is basically the anti-Eddie Thawne. Apologies to The Flash fans who enjoyed Eddie but his character was essentially created to keep Iris and Barry apart. In generalities, Patty is largely the same. She’s there to be Barry’s love interest and keep up the will-they won’t-they dynamic of Iris and Barry around a little longer. In practice though, Patty is very different. She’s determined and driven while still being cute. She’s immediately attracted to Barry but she also has her own goals and drives outside of her romantic relationship. The Flash has introduced a lot of characters in season 2 but Patty is the most successful.

#6 Cat Grant, Supergirl

There’s something just so delectably absurd about Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant on Supergirl. It’s not a subtle performance, not by a long shot. There is easily nothing more entertaining on Supergirl then a Cat Grant monologue. The character just pops. Melissa Benoist is adorable and endearing as the titular heroine but Cat is a scene stealer.

#5 Brian Finch, Limitless

There are so many reasons Limitless shouldn’t work. It’s a concept we’ve seen countless times before, it’s based on a mediocre (in terms of success and quality) movie and CBS had a show exactly like that failed in 2014. Limitless does work and it’s a lot of fun. The fun has a lot of contributing factors, the tone, the direction and the cast. Mostly it can be attributed to the main character of Brian Finch, who can pull of that deceptively hard balancing act of being a “loser” and lovable.

#4 Rosalind Price, Agents of SHIELD

After watching unREAL I realized that Constance Zimmer should be everything for the history of ever. Sadly that hasn’t happened (yet) but she is on Agents of SHIELD and that’s a start. Rosalind has the capacity to be very cliched and honestly boring character as a no-nonsense pragmatic businesswoman. Instead she has become one of Agents of SHIELD’s most memorable and fascinating characters. She’s a worthy match for Coulson as an ally or rival.

#3 Amara, Supernatural

Supernatural has a history of creepy female characters. They are almost always as entertaining as they are terrifying. Ruby (both versions), Lilith and Abanddon have been some of Supernatural’s best villains. They all might pale in comparison to the Darkness AKA Amara. Supernatural has never had a villain as magnetic and chilling as the dead-eyed girl. Let’s hope she lasts a little longer than any of her predecessors.

#2 Damien Darhk, Arrow

Slade Wilson used to be the gold standard for villains on Arrow. It’s early but Daimen Darhk might have made Slade the silver standard. Neal McDonough is good at playing a villain and Arrow exhibits that proficiency. Arrow villains, like the show itself, have a tendency to be a bit overbearing but Damien is just fun. It’s a sick twisted and deadly fun but fun nonetheless. Season 4 of Arrow has been incredibly strong thus far and a lot of that can come down to Damien as the central villain.

#1 Chad Radwell, Scream Queens

In cast of insanely ridiculous characters, Chad Radwell rises to the top. Nearly everything about Chad Radwell should make you hate him. He’s cheating sex addict that redefines the douchiness of a typical “dude-bro”. Yet there is something you can’t help but like about the guy. It also helps that actor Glen Powell has terrific comedic timing and can turn even the smallest of jokes into a genuine laugh out loud moment.

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