We should all be happy this episode of Supernatural didn’t air before Halloween. In “Plush,” costumes are possessed by a ghost and turn the people who wear them into violent killers. Naturally, this means we get killer bunnies, jesters and clowns. It’s one of those silly episodes where circus music plays as a clown slices a man’s throat. But the actual details of the ghost are a lot more disturbing and serious.

The Haunted Costumes

Sam and Dean are called to Minnesota by Sheriff Donna when a guy wearing a giant bunny head kills someone and the head won’t come off. The bunny costume is possessed by a ghost and took over the guy after he put it on, but it finally comes off after he’s killed trying to escape police custody.

There’s also a killer jester and a killer clown, all costumes that belonged to a dead children’s performer named Chester. In order to stop the ghost, Sam, Dean and Sheriff Donna have to track down and burn all of the costumes.

The silliness of Sam fighting a clown in an elevator takes a very dark turn when the truth is revealed. The victims accidentally killed Chester because they thought he was being inappropriate with their kids. With only one costume left, Sam burns it while the ghost attacks Dean. Just like that, the ghost is stopped, though the show is vague as to whether Chester was really a monster.

Hunter Donna and the Cage

The theme of the episode seems to be about not holding onto the past. Sheriff Donna initially refuses the romantic advances of a co-worker because he’s a cop named Dough, just like her d-bag ex. And Dean refuses to believe that Sam’s visions are from God because God has never helped them before (not even during the freaking apocalypse).

In the end, Sheriff Donna accepts Doug and gets promoted to being an official Hunter now that she’s been on three cases. Meanwhile, Sam tells Dean about his visions being of the Cage, and Sam thinks maybe he needs to go back there to find the answers about the Darkness. Dean immediately shoots down that idea as suicide. The look on Sam’s face suggests that he isn’t ruling it out.

Sorry Dean, but all signs this season are pointing to a return to the Cage, so I’m with Sam on this one. As Donna learned, don’t let bad past experiences keep you from doing something.

Next on Supernatural: The show returns in two weeks with an episode where Sam’s childhood imaginary friend shows up.

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