It’s party time in Mystic Falls when Stefan and Damon are invited to their own home for a dinner thrown by their mother. In The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 6, “Best Served Cold,” Lily wants to introduce her newly returned love, Julian, to her sons. The meeting isn’t without drama as Stefan and Damon disagree over how to handle Julian.

BuddyTV was on The Vampire Diaries set yesterday with a group of reporters and spoke to Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder about tonight’s showdown over how to deal with Lily and react to Julian’s return.

The brothers reactions are counter to the actions they normally take. “Usually it’s Damon being irrational and Stefan being rational and it’s the opposite,” Wesley notes.

“Stefan is very aggressive about it because of his history with Julian and everything he knows of him and has an enormous vendetta against him. He wants to immediately take him out and Damon’s a little bit more the political one.”

While Stefan wants to kill Julian now, Damon has other ideas about how to handle the situation. “Damon’s sadistic mind wants to draw it out,” Somerhalder teases.

“Damon wants her to find that passion again for this man. He wants her to experience true love again and then once she’s settled and happy and content … when she’s at the peak of happiness in six months and thinks everything’s okay then Damon wants to swoop in and hand deliver his heart to her and literally just crush her.”

The idea of waiting doesn’t sit well with Stefan and he’s not playing around, “Stefan has one thing and one thing only on his mind and that’s taking out Julian,” Wesley says.

For more insight into “Best Served Cold,” and Stefan and Damon’s mindsets regarding Lily and Julian, watch the video interviews below.

Paul Wesley Interview

Ian Somerhalder Interview

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