For those eager fans who devour American Horror Story and constantly look for connections between the stand-alone seasons, “Room 33” is the episode for you! The Countess visits the “Murder House” in 1926 to take care of an unplanned pregnancy. Meanwhile, Alex does her best to make John think he’s going crazy, while Romona and Donovan come back to the Cortez to seek their revenge on the Countess. And has Liz Taylor finally found love?

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Handling a Situation

In 1926, the Countess has an unplanned pregnancy with her husband at the time. She’s already been turned, so her pregnancy apparently moves long a lot quicker, so at three weeks, she’s almost fully to term. She goes to see Dr. Charles Montgomery at what we know as the Murder House. For those who need a refresher, in season one, Montgomery was the owner of the house. He performed abortions in his basement, which caused a riff in his marriage, which ended in murder.

During the procedure, Montgomery removes the baby from the Countess. However, the nurse sees that it is still alive and it kills her. Montgomery then hands the Countess her son.

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Plotting Revenge

While the Countess is on a trip to Paris with her new love and hotel owner Will Drake, Romona and Donovan head to the hotel to seek their revenge. Romona heads to the basement to kill her vampire children, while Donovan heads to the penthouse to get all sad about his breakup. Romona is upset to see the coffins are removed, so she tells Iris to find the kids and kill them, while she goes to Room 33. Of course, in Room 33 is where the Countess has been keeping her demon baby Bartholomew. As Romona attempts to kill the baby, it escapes.

Upstairs in the penthouse, Donovan runs into the dead tourist girls. They are complaining because they can’t leave the hotel. He explains to them that they are dead and stuck there forever. He adds that they need to find a purpose in order to break up the same cycle they will deal with for eternity.

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Finding a Purpose

John is still going crazy. Or rather, his newly turned wife Alex is making him think he’s going crazy. After Holden wakes him up one night, John is led to the coffins in the basement where he sees Alex and Holden together. She drugs him, and seeks help from Liz Taylor, who helps Alex destroy the coffins. When John comes to, Alex tells him he’s crazy and there’s nothing in the basement.

As part of his investigation, even though he’s kicked off his job, John heads to a crime scene and is convinced it’s part of the 10 Commandant killings, but his boss tells him they have a suspect in custody, thus throwing John into a tailspin back at the hotel.

Meanwhile, when Alex goes looking for the demon baby, she stumbles upon the tourist girls who have killed someone. They say they were trying to find a purpose, but failed. Alex tells them that perhaps their purpose isn’t killing people, but rather messing with their minds. She then directs them to find John, who has always wanted to be with two girls.

The ladies find a drunken John in the hallway having a nervous breakdown and they seduce him. However, during the deed, they bleed all over the place, freaking John out so much he runs down to the lobby naked. Back in the room, the maid is cleaning the bloody sheets as the girls leave. John then sees Mr. March for a second. He then decides to pack his things and leave. When he’s in the shower, though, the demon baby crawls into his suitcase.

Is John Actually Crazy?

Back at home, things are not good with Scarlett, who has been left at her friend’s house for two days. Some great parenting on their part. John tries to comfort her, but the weirdo that he is, he’s holding a bloody pillow from the hotel while he does. As he goes to finish unpacking, he notices all his clothes strewn about. He grabs his gun and stalks around the house for the demon baby. He fires off a few shots when he finally sees the thing, but freaks Scarlett out in the process.

Alex rushes home and tells the police to take Scarlett to her grandmother’s. She then tries to tell John that he just needs rest, but he tells her that he’s not stupid. Thus confirming that John is not crazy, but rather is just having his mind messed with. Alex finds Bartholomew and nurses him back to health before the Countess comes home.

Finding Love in a Hopeless Place

While all this nonsense is going on, Liz Taylor is finding love. Of course, it’s with the Countess’ latest boy toy, model Tristan. Liz and Tristan reveal to each other that they are in love, but are scared to betray the Countess.

When the Countess returns, Liz is convinced that she will be understanding of his and Tristan’s relationship. But boy is Liz wrong. Liz tells the Countess, who immediately clams up and insists Liz wait until she’s done with Tristan. When Liz begs again, the Countess says it will be up to Tristan.

The three sit down for a chat, and Tristan tells the Countess off. When Tristan chooses Liz over the Countess, the Countess says Liz can have him. And then she slits Tristan’s throat.

Final Thoughts

I normally don’t like it when American Horror Story tries to cross seasons, but this one was particularly interesting. I can only assume that we’re done with the connections, but who knows.

I like that Donovan explained about the ghosts that roam the halls of the hotel. It was always implied, but never fully explained that if you die in the hotel you stay forever. And if that’s the case, does that mean that Tristan can be Liz Taylor’s dead lover? I was really upset about Tristan’s death. I was so happy for Liz Taylor being in love, only to have that love taken away from him. He should have just listened to Romona when she told him to run from the love and the Countess.

I hate what Alex is doing to John. I actually hate Alex. She’s a horrible mother with a weird obsession with her son. And now that she’s tied to the Countess, she’s just getting weirder and weirder by the day.

Since we’re at the halfway point of American Horror Story, I’m pleased to say that this season is shaping up to be my second favorite of the series, coming in a close second behind Murder House.

American Horror Story: Hotel airs Wednesdays at 10pm on FX.

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