Making deals with powerful people can only lead to trouble. But sometimes, it can reveal big secrets. This is the lesson Stephen learns pretty quickly in this episode of The Tomorrow People. Coming off of Ultra trying to kill Astrid, Stephen confronts Jedikiah and quits.  However, he’s suddenly connecting with a rogue breakout, who the Founder says is his daughter. Stephen makes a deal with the Founder to bring in Cassie for the release of Astrid, but Cara smells something fishy once Stephen brings Cassie to the liar.

Taking a Stand

Pissed off about Ultra trying to kill Astrid, Stephen quits. But he finds himself back in the game, as the Founder asks him to track down a rogue breakout, Cassandra Smythe, who is his daughter. Stephen agrees, as long as Astrid will be out of Ultra’s line of fire when Cassandra is found. Jedikiah warns Stephen that the Founder can’t be trusted, but Stephen won’t have it. He just wants to right things with Astrid and move on without Ultra. Seems leading that triple life is finally getting to him.

Of course, the only way to find Cassandra is to enlist the help of The Tomorrow People. But, in reality, he doesn’t need them because he’s been connecting with her recently. He goes ‘undercover’ at a hotel bar and confronts her. She introduces herself as Cassie. It’s going too well, which becomes clear when he slaps that power-blocker bracelet on her with no problems. Turns out, she knew who he was all along. After a fight with Ultra agents in the hotel hallway, the pair teleports to the Tomorrow People lair.

A Power Struggle

Stephen tells Cassie she’s at an Ultra safe house and gets her to open up about her father and her past. She reveals she wants to be human and get her powers taken away.

Cara thinks something is up. She tries to get information on Cassie, but can’t find any. She convinces Cassie to let her read her mind, which reveals that the Founder performed tests on her to make her stronger and more powerful as a paranormal. Cara wants Stephen to find out more before he brings Cassie to Ultra, which John and Russell soon realize is a bad idea.

Stephen is caught by the Founder, who threatens to read his mind after a port is implanted in him. However, John goes against Cara and brings Cassie to Ultra to save Stephen. It doesn’t take much convincing for Cassie to surrender herself though, once she finds out that Stephen is a double agent.

Cara is not happy that John disobeyed her and she kicks him out of the group, despite the kiss they shared earlier in the episode.

Secrets Revealed and Promises Broken

And perhaps in the best storyline of the season, it is finally revealed whose powers Stephen has been feeling!

After the Founder assures Stephen that Astrid is out of Ultra’s radar, he goes back on his promise and sends a crew to kill her. Astrid just happens to be out at a café with her father and Stephen’s mom when Ultra opens fire. Stephen gets there too late after Cassie warns him telepathically. But, everyone is okay, as Stephen’s mom has stopped the bullets!!!!!

Just when you think this show is getting predictable and cheesy, it throws you for a loop, which is fantastic. This storyline is going to be fantastic. I’m really curious how long mom has known about her powers and kept them from Stephen. Has she really known more than she let on about her husband and why he left? She probably did, as earlier in the episode, she went to visit Jedikiah at Ultra and implied she knew more than he thinks she does when inquiring about Astrid’s whereabouts. How did she get these powers? Will Luca have powers too, as alluded in last week’s episode? And I wonder, how long has she had these powers? If she’s always had them, why did she let Stephen struggle for so long? If not, why is she breaking out now? I really can’t wait to see how this plays out!

Meanwhile, I love the theme of who you can and can’t trust. Jedikiah did warn Stephen about making a deal with the Founder, so he obviously knows something is up, but Stephen let his emotions lead him. Then, after Cassie is in the lair pouring her heart out to him about how horrible the Founder is, he then lets Cara boss him around, which leads him into trouble as he snoops at Ultra.

Honestly, Stephen just needs to find himself, which is something that I bring up week after week. But, I guess we can’t expect a teenager with super-human powers to really be that strong in his decision-making skills, as he’s just getting used to the world. Now that he can talk to his mom about his powers, though, I have a feeling he’ll be better at controlling his emotions. I wonder if she’ll be a double agent too?

The Tomorrow People airs Wednesdays at 9pm on the CW.

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