We last left The Tomorrow People with Stephen dying and coming back to life to reach his father in Limbo. This episode leaves behind a lot of that CW-teen-love triangle nonsense and focuses more on the never-ending search for Roger, Stephen’s father, a well as an internal power struggle among the Tomorrow People.

What Did Stephen See in Limbo?

While in Limbo, Stephen reunites with his father. His father seems excited that Stephen can freeze time, just like him, but concerned that the Founder knows about his powers. He tells Stephen to find a man named Simon Plane, as well as his body.

After bringing him back, The Tomorrow People don’t believe that Stephen saw his father. What’s weird is that Cara can’t read Stephen’s mind about what he just saw in Limbo. However, he’s convinced that his father is still alive and wants to go on a hunt for his body, as well as Simon Plane, who they learn was an original breakout and went missing when Stephen’s father ‘died.’

Meanwhile at Ultra, a Tomorrow Person named Errol breaks out of the Citadel, a sort of prison where Ultra holds Tomorrow People for testing and training.

A New Leader Is Born

Back in their underground lair/hideout, John tells everyone about his past with Ultra, the training he’s had to kill and that he killed Stephen’s father. Convinced he’s not a good leader, the group votes him out and puts Cara in as the new rebel leader.

Stephen shares the news of the breakout with the Tomorrow People and explains how Errol was able to push him out of his mind, something he’s never experienced before. Cara comes up with a plan to capture Errol, in the hope that he will lead them to the Citadel. As the end game would be to break everyone out of the Citadel to save them from being tortured by Ultra. However, she doesn’t tell Stephen all of the details, claiming it’s better that way to convince Jedikiah that he’s in the dark. But it becomes clear later on that he really has no clue what Cara was up to.

The Break-In

After the Tomorrow People capture Errol, and force Stephen to take a bullet to make the plan more believable, they talk him off a ledge and read his mind to find the Citadel. After they break in, they are, of course, stopped by Ultra agents and eventually it’s Jedikiah who kills Errol when he tries to protect Cara and his friend Charlotte. John comes to the rescue, and Cara and Charlotte escape to their safe haven.

An Eye for an Eye

As they plot their next move, John convinces Cara that using Morgan as bait is not the right way to do things. This move causes Cara to question her new role as leader.

But the real leader in this episode was Jedikiah, as he was always one step ahead of the Tomorrow People. First, when Stephen tries to find information on Simon Plane, and later when the Tomorrow People break into the Citadel. He also tells Stephen the story of Simon Plane and where his father’s body really is (cremated). But I question this information, just as John and Stephen do.

And just when I really didn’t care that Stephen’s mother is dating some new guy named Peter, because let’s be honest, keeping that whole home-life storyline is getting old pretty fast, it actually got interesting. Turns out Peter pushed Stephen out when he tried to read his mind. Interesting little twist that I hope gets explored.

I really like the power struggle going on between John and Cara. Even though Cara was voted in, it seems as if John is still really running the show. It’s also nice to see them talk about other things instead of their love triangle or how John lied about his past.

And Stephen still bumbles around with no clue as to what is going on around him or what his role is. However, I keep forgetting that he is a teenager, which is most likely why he fumbles through life. Be an adult at Ultra, be a regular teen at home. I could see how anyone would get confused. Plus, I’m still convinced that his mother knows more about Roger and the Tomorrow People than she lets on.

The Tomorrow People airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on the CW.

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