Seems not all Tomorrow People use their powers for good. In the 11th episode entitled “A New Ultra Agent,” Jedikiah makes three new recruits, including Stephen, ‘do what it takes’ to stay an agent and not lose their powers. Their assignment, bring in Julian Masters, a Tomorrow Person who’s not afraid to reveal his powers and uses them to attack people.

The History of Julian Masters

Six years ago, when Cara was still learning her powers, she was running from an Ultra agent when Julian rescued her and took her under his wing. His philosophy? The Tomorrow People are a superior species, but they are hunted down like rats. He likes to teach people how to survive and how to live among humans. But basically, he just wants to attack people because he views humans as the weaker species. So after, he tortures them to the brink of death because he can’t kill. He also gets a high from the adrenaline.

One day, while training Cara to steal from the wealthy, his partner Nelly gets killed. He blames Cara because she “is weak.”

A New Assignment

In present day, Julian is back on Ultra’s radar. Jedikiah puts Stephen and two new recruits through some training, and tells them that they should do anything for Ultra, including tracking down Julian. But not before they are forced to do some hand-to-hand combat training at Ultra headquarters, where Stephen faces the wrath of recruit Hillary.

Stephen, of course, runs to the Tomorrow People‘s lair and finds out more about Julian. Cara, based on her track record with him, suggests they just let Ultra deal with Julian and not get involved. But John urges her to try and contact Julian and warn him about Ultra’s interest in him. That doesn’t go as planned, and we learn that Ultra is not the only enemy of the Tomorrow People.

Cara tells Russell to gather some intel on Julian’s next attack, which will take place at Central Park West. She tips Stephen off, so he heads to the building to get Julian. However, Hillary shows up to help him and he gets away.

Training and Fights

Meanwhile, Charlotte, the girl Cara rescued from the Citadel, is disrupting the peace in Tomorrow People land. Her telepathic nightmares are causing issues, and some people want her gone. Cara refuses to kick her out of the group, John offers to train her to hone her powers. During a training session, he suggests she use her anger for Ultra in order to focus and fight better.

Later on, Julian not only beats up Russell, but lets his group beat him up to send a message to Cara. She comes up with a plan of her own in order to stick it to him. And it works, sort of. During the fight with Julian, she faces off with him, while the Tomorrow People fight with his gang. 

In the middle of the fight, the Tomorrow People teleport out leaving just Cara, Julian and his group. However, after a final word with Julian, Charlotte teleports in and uses her new anger power to not only knock out all of Julian’s group, but also temporarily remove their powers. After Charlotte and Cara leave, Stephen and the Ultra agents bust in, but Julian gets away.

This episode was pretty interesting. It introduced new characters and new threats on the Tomorrow People and Stephen. Even though Jedikiah is impressed Stephen and the new recruits took down Julian’s group, he’s not really happy that Stephen sticks up for the team. Hillary expresses her gratitude, but she spies on Stephen and Astrid later on, making us believe she’s not all good and probably drinking the Ultra Kool-Aid.

I liked the idea of introducing Julian and his past with Cara. It brings more conflict to the story. Now the Tomorrow People aren’t just hiding from Ultra. I did think it was funny that Cara found this frustrating and it was John, the voice of reason, who reminded her that they already keep their guard up, so what’s one more group to be aware of.

I think it’s funny they try to make Stephen normal with his relationship with his brother and Astrid, though I’m sure this will be addressed in a future episode. We all know that people with super-human powers can’t have a normal life. I actually wish that Stephen struggled with this more. He’s essentially leading a triple life. That’s pretty heavy for a 17-year-old, but he handles it like it’s no big deal.

Now, I’m left wondering, do they care about the mystery of Stephen’s dad anymore? How about that issue of Peter, Stephen’s mother’s boyfriend? They make mention of him in the beginning of the episode, but both Peter and his mother never made an appearance. I hope this is addressed soon too. I kind of like that storyline.

The Tomorrow People airs Wednesdays at 9pm on the CW.

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