It’s all about getting to know the new people and protecting the humans in the 12th episode of The Tomorrow People. Stephen has his hands full as he takes a camping trip with his brother, mom and her new boyfriend (who may or may not work for Ultra), Peter. While Stephen’s away, a new Ultra recruit tries to get ahead by outing his and Astrid’s friendship.

Protecting the Ones They Love

Stephen yet again has a lot on his mind. While training with Hillary at Ultra, she asks Jedikiah what would happen if an agent shared his/her powers with a human. Jedikiah, of course, says that human would be killed. Fearing for Astrid’s safety, Stephen questions if she’s shared her knowledge about him with anyone. She assures him she hasn’t.

On top of that worry, Stephen’s mom informs him that her new beau Peter is taking the family camping upstate. Double worrying for Stephen, as he’s convinced that Peter is taking them to a remote location to kill the family.

He enlists the help of The Tomorrow People to gain more information about Peter, as well as protect Astrid while he’s gone. Cara convinces him everything will be okay, while John assures Stephen that he will personally look after Astrid, as he knows what Ultra does to humans who know about their powers. Fourteen years earlier, John witnessed the death of his magazine stand friend Tony after he learned about his powers, thanks to Jedikiah.

Making Memories

To say that Stephen is paranoid on their camping trip is an understatement. He stays in contact with Cara, only to lose her when they set up camp near a river. He’s convinced Peter has done this on purpose, especially when he takes out his hunting rifle. While on a hunt, Peter shares a little about his past with Stephen and his brother. Then, on a walk with just Peter, Stephen asks him what his deal is and who he’s working for. Peter stays strong though and doesn’t skip a beat, even when Stephen pushes him off a cliff into the river so that he’ll use his powers. He doesn’t and Stephen’s mom is not a very happy camper.

Just In the Nick of Time

Stephen’s worrying isn’t for nothing when it comes to Astrid. Little miss get-ahead Hillary informs Jedikiah about the pair’s relationship and how they teleport together. She’s insistent that Astrid be killed, so when she follows up Jedikiah informs her that yes, Astrid will be killed, but he won’t tolerate her trying to sabotage Stephen for personal gain.

As Astrid goes for an audition for the School of Music, she realizes it’s a trap, when, shocker, they pull guns on her. John rescues her in time and they teleport to a hallway, where there’s even more Ultra agents! They teleport to another room in the hotel when Astrid realizes John’s been shot. Things aren’t looking good, so she Skypes with Cara for help. Somehow, she manages to remove the bullet from John, while Cara breaks in the old fashioned way so not to get on Ultra’s radar with teleporting. She manages to smuggle Astrid out first, as she can’t take all three. And somehow, she manages to teleport John out, just as more Ultra agents burst in and open fire.

It’s a Family Affair

Safe underground, Stephen tells Astrid she has to stay there indefinitely, until it’s safe. She’s not very happy about giving up her life for him. Meanwhile, Stephen thanks John for saving Astrid. He’s incredibly grateful and wants to know why. John shares his memory of the first time he met Stephen’s father Roger and the promise they made each other, essentially to protect Stephen. And as Stephen fills John and Cara in on the camping trip and him pushing Peter off the cliff, they realize that it’s not Peter who had the powers, it’s Stephen’s brother Luca!

Once you look past some of the ridiculousness of this episode, such as Astrid keeping calm and removing that bullet or the entire hotel rescue scene, you will realize that this episode could be the turning point for season one. Stephen’s brother is breaking out as a Tomorrow person! That just opens up so many other plots. Will he adapt as quickly as Stephen did? Will he rebel? Will he become a loyal Ultra agent or will he join the Tomorrow People? Plus it will be really nice for Stephen to have a buddy in his journey of balancing his triple life.

Or maybe Stephen will convince Luca to just keep his powers a secret; though I’m sure Ultra will figure it out. It’s funny how no one ever thought of this before. Their father is one of the most powerful Tomorrow People, of course both of his children will be powerful.

The Tomorrow People airs Wednesdays at 9pm on the CW.

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