This week on The Secret Circle, Melissa becomes interesting because she is possessed by a demon! Diana and Adam’s relationship is explored.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Continuity! Remember how that Heather girl was comatose, possessed, and killed last week? Well, so do the characters. It is on the topic for discussion for Dawn and Charles, our resident Machiavellian figure heads.

Of course, the demon is not really dead–instead trapped in fragile little Melissa’s body. Evil Demon Melissa is moody and looks like she is going to kill Nick or anyone in a second. Like spasms of pain moody. I really like evil Melissa; almost as much as I like Evil Stefan. The actress really gives good crazy eyes and she is really doing a good job at being off kilter.

Is there a reason that Melissa/Demon can’t touch it? Sure–they need the entire circle. And so they must gather them.

First off the list is Nick, moonstruck lover in way over his head. Then, it is power hungry Faye, who is enchanted at the thought of another Book of Shadows (really–they say that with a straight face?). The Melissa/Demon… thing does not do a good job at playing these two off of each other. It does laughably come onto Faye.

Cassie is a little more difficult. She is trying to connect with the grandmother we’ve seen maybe twice and the dinner is awkward. Cassie should be grateful though–at least her grandmother remembers her name. But she is grateful that the grandmamma has her back. Also, I honestly hate Cassie’s clothing. It looks like she is shopping at a thrift store where the clothes were donated by former sluts who got knocked up. I do like that Cassie strives for honesty though–it isn’t as annoying this week and actually respectable.

Adam and Diana are so married in the 1950s. She makes him dinner, even though she is horrible at it, he pretends to like it and her. They have this familiar little rant and you peek into how they work. Then, Diana tries to spice up desert and the two get to the sexing! I think I am the only person watching this show who like Diana and Adam together–mostly because I like Diana way more than what the show is presenting Cassie as. The only thing I liked about Adam here was the way Thomas Dekker played his sexual frustration. Heh.

Only the Good Die Young

Now that the circle has been gathered, the demon wants to release all the other demons-who happen to be snakes. Yes, this show just went biblical.

The best part about this episode is that no one knows what is going on. The circle is completely isolated and defenseless; completely unprepared. The circle realizes this and immediately there is a great sense of paranoia. No one knows who to trust–except Cassie. So she meanders up to gather the grandmother, a powerful witch in her own right.

Grandmom got skillz. She uses a crystal to identify the demon, but it has escaped Melissa and transferred over into Nick’s body. Here, I really like how the actor (Louis Hunter) did evil Nick. There were certain mannerisms that made him seem old, like ancient evil old. “You can check, but I’m pretty sure your dad is passed out in the back room.” The confidence was awesome! It actually makes Melissa’s evil look less evil and more like Whitney Houston.

The only way to kill a demon is to drown it or burn it. Demons need full form of a witch to be at their most powerful. But Dawn and Charles come into play and mess everything up for everybody. The adults have to drown Nick to save him? That makes little sense rationally. Especially since Nick ended up dead. Also–Nick is dead? No! He was just growing on me. I hope that he isn’t actually dead-dead. Maybe he has multiple lives like other CW characters (ahem, Chuck Bass anyone?).

Well, the characters confirm such. Dawn and Charles have an interesting disagreement on moral relativism. Faye and Melissa grieve. Adam and Diana have a talk that goes on way too long. Finally, Cassie and the grandmother have a sit down. What did happen the night of the fire? No one knows…but they all need to find out.


I am surprised that they killed off Nick. Like genuinely. I thought magic could revive him or something. I hope that Nick is not actually dead–we never did see the rest of the body. I also wished they would have mourned for him more. Whatever. But I think The Secret Circle is getting into its groove–oddly enough by killing a main character.

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