Based on the photos of the upcoming Fringe episode, “Novation,” we’re getting back to the plot of those weird, biological shape-shifters and all the havoc they cause. But, more importantly, the photos show Joshua Jackson. How does Peter Bishop return and what does that mean for Fringe? We’ll find out when “Novation” airs on Friday, October 28 at 9pm on FOX.

#11 Olivia takes a call about a mysterious murder.

#10 Olivia, Lincoln and Broyles discuss something called the “Truss project.”

#9 That project would refer to Malcolm Truss, forced by shape-shifter Seven to develop a serum.

Guest stars Arye Gross as Truss and Michelle Krusiec as Seven

#8 Meanwhile, the Fringe team has to interview the mysteriously re-existing Peter.

#7 Peter seems quite pleased about the whole thing.

#6 Probably, after not existing for weeks, just having no one remember you is probably a relief.

#5 The others seem awfully skeptical of Peter’s story.

#4 Time for Walter to be told about Peter.

#3 Walter may not take his son’s sudden existence very well.

#2 Back to the freaky-crime-of-the-week, Olivia and Lincoln track a suspect.

#1 Lincoln discovers Malcolm Truss, not doing very well.