This week on Law & Order: SVU, the crime reminds Detective Rollins of similar incidents in Atlanta.

While she’s sure that the suspect has now come to New York, the other detectives still have a bit of doubt about the suspect, and continue to look for clues.

Rollins finally does something!

To Rollins, the case is all but closed. In Atlanta, she investigated a series of rapes in which the man utters the phrase “Tell me you love me, Mommy,” has a yin-yang tattoo on his neck, rides off on a bike and preys on blondes. So when a blonde ballet dancer describes the same M.O., Rollins is sure it’s her guy.

Not so fast. Olivia obviously still doesn’t trust her. She shoots down every detail, and even wonders why a rapist would come to New York from Georgia. (Uhh, why NOT?) Basically, everyone’s given a reason to doubt this detective.

Why/how was she even hired? Just when I’m about to write her off, I start liking her. She was close to brilliant in the interrogation room with the suspect. (But then again, she did know all the ins and outs about the case, having hunted the guy at her previous job.) But still, she had this self-assured confidence that wasn’t ever shown before. She knew exactly how to reel in the suspect, and then go for the catch. So the writers only wanted us to believe that she’s somewhat of a dumb blonde, before having her completely own a case. Touche.

Amaro Has Some Anger Issues — Or A Lot

Well, that came out of nowhere, repeatedly punching a suspect in the face, even after Rollins tells him to stop. What kind of inner demons is he battling? We already know there’s something with a little girl — we saw him put a photo of her down on his desk before quickly replacing it with one of his friends. We also learn that Amaro goes with his gut.

Though he didn’t come right out and say it himself, everything about him said that he believed the suspect was innocent. He couldn’t put a finger on it, or have an explanation — but that’s what going with a gut feeling means.

T.R. Knight Fits Creepy Profile

The story line was pretty predictable. A man suspected of a crime vehemently denies it, even as he’s bleeding out after hurting himself in jail. Even when he’s told his DNA is a match, he still denies he did it. So how is it possible that his DNA is involved if it’s not him? A twin, duh.

Props to T.R. Knight for playing both characters. One creepy enough to be the suspect, another to be enough creepy not to believe his innocence. Despite the predictability, the second half was still thrilling. I’m liking the season as it goes on. The new characters are definitely breathing some new life into the show. What did you think? Leave your comments below!

Esther Gim
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