“Can I have it all?” Dexter tells his first season 4 victim before killing him, and in his interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dexter star Michael C. Hall reaffirms this premise of the upcoming season, set to kick off on September 27. Following Showtime’s release of the dark comedy’s trailer for season 4 recently, Hall maintains that it’s going to be “tough” for the new father cum blood splatter analyst cum serial killer.

“A lot of sleep deprivation. I think the idea was one thing, but the reality of being a suburban family man and maintaining an allegiance to his dark passenger is for Dexter proving to be daunting, at times overwhelming, at times reprieved, but something’s gotta give.”

That something, says some critics, is still hard to figure out at this point, when the team behind Dexter is still in the middle of production. Most, however, are expecting a lot from John Lithgow, who is set to play the main villain in Dexter season 4. Walter Simmons, the Trinity Killer is described as “the most prolific serial killer ever” or “the most successful serial killer to ever get away with it.”

Hall, for his part, says that Dexter is “definitely fascinated” and that his competitive juices are
“stoked” especially after hearing how the Trinity Killer is characterized. “They’re on a bit of a collision course right now,” teases Hall. Lithgow, 63, is a multiple Emmy-winner and is best known for his role as Dr. Dick Solomon on the NBC sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Hall also confirmed that he recently did some voice-over narration for Dexter‘s animated webisodes, following the serial killer’s life prior to the pilot. The first one, forĀ  instance, will focus on the first time he “collects the trophy” of his first kill.

– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Entertainment Weekly
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