On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, the ladies go shopping for Tamra’s wedding dress. Vicki finds out some disturbing news about Brooks. Heather’s career gets another boost. And Gretchen gets caught in a lie.

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Construction and Destruction

As construction slowly moves forward on Eddie and Tamra’s fitness studio, Tamra finds herself in a stand-off with BFF of the moment Gretchen. Tamra is annoyed with Gretchen — it was only a matter of time. She tells Eddie that she thinks Gretchen’s ultimatum is rude. Just in case you missed last week’s episode and/or recap, Tamra invited Alexis to go wedding dress shopping with her and the other girls. Gretchen called bulls**t. Gretchen views the outing as a more intimate gathering reserved for close friends. Eddie quantifies Gretchen’s behavior as childish.

Well, either Gretchen has had a change of heart, or she wants to know whether or not Alexis will be in attendance because she has been trying desperately to speak to Tamra. Tamra, equally childish, has decided to ignore Gretchen completely. Tamra issues her own ultimatum; if Gretchen doesn’t show up to go dress shopping, she’s not a real friend.

On a Role

Heather is offered a possible recurring role on the show Malibu Country. There’s a lot less marital strife between her and husband Terry this time around. He obviously learned that crappy jokes and belittling the importance of your spouse’s chosen profession isn’t very supportive. In Terry’s defense, he did come through for “Fancy Pants” in the end last time. Heather feels she’s finally struck the perfect balance between family and work.

Bridezilla and Her “B*tch-maids”

Lauri, Vicki and Lydia all show up at Eddie and Tamra’s before heading off to look for the perfect wedding gown. Never mind that no date has been set, and she’s already had her bachelorette party. Lauri can’t help but recall how Tamra bashed her when Lauri married George (her third time). Looking at the group, it’s hard to believe that these women are the best she could conjure up. Tamra just reconnected with Lauri who she was never that close to in the first place. She’s only known Lydia a few months, tops. And she and Vicki are the quintessential definition of frenemies. As usual, Vicki can’t muster up any genuine excitement for Tamra’s good fortune. It’s like purposefully immersing yourself in a pit of vipers.

Tamra reveals that Gretchen sent her a text telling her she would be in attendance after all. It might be too little, too late because Tamra is still holding a grudge. Before the limo arrives at Gretchen’s, Tamra wants to know what transpired between Lydia and Slade at the Salsa dancing party. Lydia regales the ladies with all of the ugly details. Tamra seems to try her best to get the majority of the occupants of the car whipped into a frenzy before an unsuspecting Gretchen joins the group. Tamra and Vicki are still pissed about Slade’s comments regarding their respective appearances. The general consensus is that it’s just bad form to comment on how a woman looks unless you’re telling her she doesn’t look fat in a dress when she asks.

Alexis has put aside her grievances against Alexis for Tamra’s sake. The car barely pulls away from Gretchen’s place before Lydia notices a giant diamond on Gretchen’s finger. Turns out Gretchen decided to wear the engagement ring Jeff gave her. That seems disrespectful on so many levels. Vicki definitely questions Gretchen’s motives, saying they haven’t laid eyes on that ring in two years, and suddenly Gretchen decides to wear it on “Tamra’s day.”

Heather and Alexis are waiting for the rest of the girls at the store. Heather is pleased that her and her former nemesis are able to be in the same room and have a nice conversation. She actually considers it a new friendship. It’s like a non-stop game of musical chairs the way these women switch alliances.

The main event begins, and Tamra says that she’ll wear whatever dress she chooses to bed every night until Eddie sets a date. Tamra emerges in a beautiful dress, and Lydia tells her she looks like Pamela Anderson. Next. While Tamra is in the fitting room, Vicki pulls Alexis aside for a chat because obviously things are just going too smoothly to suit her. Vicki tells Alexis that Tamra and Gretchen got into an argument because Alexis was coming dress shopping. You can almost see the glint in Vicki’s eyes. Vicki feels that Gretchen is threatened by Alexis. This is laughable coming from the woman who is so threatened by any younger, more beautiful woman that she butchered her own face in an attempt to feel more attractive. Vicki claims her motivation is she thinks it’s important Alexis know that Tamra stuck up for her.

Both Vicki and Kharma are a b**ch, so what happens next is no less than what Vicki deserves. After Lydia asks her about her relationship with Brooks, Vicki “says” they broke up. Lauri is all to0 happy to let Vicki know about the unsavory side of Vicki’s true love. Lauri tells Vicki that Brooks has been dating one of her daughter’s friends. Initially, Vicki seems unfazed, saying he’s free to date whomever he chooses. Then she informs Lauri that she wants to know who the “b**ch” is. When Lauri tells Vicki the girl in question is 21, Vicki is in complete denial that Brooks would do such a thing. Vicki eventually dissolves into tears.

Dinner and Deception

As the girls, sans Alexis, sit down to dinner. Tamra, who has been insulated from the Vicki and Brooks drama until now, finds out the whole ugly “truth.” Tamra is neither shocked nor especially sympathetic. Heather, who was also in the dark, doesn’t understand why Lauri would even share this information with Vicki.

Heather tells the other ladies about her latest guest-starring role. Lydia says that Heather may have been “Fancy Pants” before, but now she’s “Fancy Outfit.” Tamra says Gretchen told her that she was offered a part in Malibu Country, and that she was giving it up to be there for Tamra’s shopping trip instead. Heather says that Gretchen told her the same thing. Too bad for Gretchen that Heather had the opportunity to get the real skinny when she went for her table read. It turns out that Gretchen might have been exaggerating in the sense that she might have been fibbing. Vicki starts calling Gretchen a liar repeatedly, which irritates Lauri who believes Vicki to be a liar. Bridezilla Tamra is the most hurt of all because, as the center of attention, it’s her God-given right.

Looks like Vicki is back on the market, and Gretchen is back on the outs.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9pm on Bravo.

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