The Real Housewives of Orange County is in Mo’orea and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Although, while Vicki might be busy “whooping it up,” she’s not letting Meghan off the hook from running the normal rookie gauntlet. Maybe Vicki will ease off Meghan the rest of the vacation but that seems pretty unlikely.

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The Hangover

In this episode, “Girl Code,” Vicki, Tamra and Shannon are hurting the morning after their night of fireball shots that ended with them all taking a swim fully clothed. Tamra says that she and Vicki have gotten drunk a lot together, but never this drunk. Plus, they’re not as young as they used to be, so they don’t rally quite as well.

Shannon and Vicki stay behind while the rest of the ladies go on a scuba diving excursion, of course with their hair and makeup (false eyelashes included) done. But it turns out to be okay because they’re using old-fashioned scuba helmets with the oxygen encased in the mask so their makeup stays nice and pretty as they swim with stingrays.

While Lizzie and Heather are diving, Tamra tells Meghan that Alison, her husband’s second ex-wife, came up at dinner last night. In her confessional, Meghan says that she’s close with her husband’s first ex-wife, but not with Alison. She shuts down the topic right away with Tamra, telling her that it doesn’t matter if she’s friends with Heather because it’s something they don’t need to discuss to have a friendship of their own.

Shannon and Vicki recover enough to have drinks on the beach. Maybe they realized they’re in one of the most beautiful places in the world and they should probably take advantage of that. They have an intimate conversation, where Shannon reveals to Vicki that David’s affair lasted eight months and that his mistress befriended her while it was going on. Not only that, but she would ask her questions about her relationship with her husband. Can you believe that nerve? I didn’t think it was possible to feel even more sorry for Shannon than I already did, but here we are.

Vicki, in turn, admits that one of the reasons her marriage to Donn ended was because they were both unfaithful. This is a pretty groundbreaking admission for Vicki to make on camera, given the fight she’s put up about that very same topic in seasons past.

Despite both of their crazy personalities, Shannon and Vicki actually seem like they’re pretty good friends with one another. Shannon thanks Vicki for being there for her when she found out about the affair (that happened off camera) and Vicki is grateful for Shannon being there when she found out about her mom.

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Stir the Pot

Later, the ladies meet for dinner. Everyone starts off in a good mood, until Meghan asks the ladies if they’d been gossiping about her the night before. In an attempt to seem honest (unlike last season’s vacation in Bali), Tamra cops to talking about Meghan and her husband and his ex-wife. Heather wants to know if anyone said anything negative about her being friends with both Alison and Meghan.

Here’s where things get messy in a she-said/she-said situation. Shannon says she didn’t say anything negative, but Tamra insists that she did. Heather’s just trying to get the truth and no one’s really giving it to her, but Tamra feels attacked by Heather’s inquiry. She steals Vicki away to talk in the bathroom, and eventually Heather joins and the three of them work it out. Tamra says she’s just trying to put everything out there on the table, and Heather appreciates that. She’s just going to let go of the petty squabbles for now.

Back at the table, Shannon can’t believe that Tamra repeated their conversation to Heather. In front of Meghan and Lizzie, Shannon calls Tamra a “pot stirrer.” And Meghan promptly repeats what Shannon said to Tamra as soon as they all get on their golf carts to go back to the cabin.

After the obligatory drunken Housewife golf cart race to the cabin, Tamra doesn’t even wait until they’re inside to ask Shannon why she called her a pot stirrer. Shannon says all of the women in this room are more than capable of stirring the pot. That’s when Meghan retorts with a snotty, “Like you, Shannon?” Shannon is incredulous and threatens to leave the room. Meghan tells her to go, since that’s how she’s been known to handle things instead of taking responsibility for her actions.

The next day, the ladies board a ferry back to Tahiti. Everyone’s still raw from the night before, but they’re trying to get along for the last day of vacation. But that goes out the window when Vicki starts telling Meghan that she’s not strict enough with Hayley and she’s not parenting correctly. Meghan doesn’t understand if Vicki wants her to stop acting like her mom or start acting more like her mom. Vicki’s thoughts on the subject, while plentiful, seem conflicting.

Before their last dinner before they go home, Shannon spends some time on the phone with David. She still insists that what they’re going through will make them stronger as a couple. Poor Shannon. If she needs that and eight Grey Gooses with a splash of cranberry to sleep at night, she’s certainly entitled to them.

Meghan wears her finest headscarf to honor their last night in the French Polynesian, which Tamra points out makes her look like Stevie Nicks. Meghan also takes a moment to apologize about the way she addressed Shannon the previous night. She says she doesn’t want there to be any more animosity between them and she’s sorry for her immature remarks. Shannon accepts the apology and thinks that it’s genuine, but she’s still going to proceed with caution with Meghan.

Vicki makes a toast to the ladies, telling them that she’s glad they’ve all accepted her and Brooks as a couple. She says things can get lonely at this point in life if you don’t have a partner. She only wishes her daughter, Brianna, would accept her and Brooks as well.

Next time, some psychic thinks that Brooks’s cancer is an act! No one would stoop that low … right?

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