While women have dominated the HoH competitions on Big Brother 17, it’s been the men who’ve ruled the Power of Veto. Five out of six PoVs have been won by men (Steve, Clay, James and two for John). So did another guy win it, or did the season of female power strike back?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

Becky won the HoH competition. She nominated Shelli and Steve. Austin, Vanessa and Meg were also picked to play.

Steve won the Power of Veto!

Good for Sneaky Steve. It was an individually-timed memory game on zip line like the comic book comp from last year, which is why the live feeds were down for an extra long five and a half hours (usually PoV comps are done in just two or three hours). It seems Meg finished second, followed by Becky, Austin, Vanessa and then Shelli in last.

As for the comic covers, Shelli was a Puma (like a cougar, going after young men), Becky’s involved a train, John was Dr. Drill, Meg is from the Big Apple, Clay didn’t have a shirt, Liz was the evil twin, Julia was the good twin, Da’Vonne was Mama Da’, Audrey was hiding under a blanket and Vanessa was the Mad Hatter (which is perfect).

Becky is celebrating because now she can perfectly execute her plan to backdoor Vanessa. Steve will save himself and with Vanessa against Shelli, James, Jackie, Meg and Johnny Mac should be guaranteed votes to send Vanessa to the jury house. This is going to be an interesting campaign to see how hard Vanessa is willing to throw Shelli under the bus, and whether Shelli will fight against Vanessa.

It might also start to worry some people about Steve. He’s been nominated three times and every time, he won a competition to save himself (two PoVs and one BoB). He wins when he needs to, which is a great skill to have.

For now, Becky plans on telling Vanessa, Austin and the twins she’s still putting up Johnny Mac as the replacement nominee, presumably to blindside them at the PoV ceremony.


-Steve is only the 16th person to win two PoVs in one season while on the block, something Johnny Mac did earlier this year.

-This is Steve’s third comp win, tying him with Johnny Mac, Jason, Vanessa and Becky. James is still in the lead with five.

-Steve has only played in three PoV comps and he’s won two of them. The only one he lost was the week he won BoB, so he didn’t care at all.

-Shelli has played in six out of seven PoV competitions, the most of anyone. Vanessa and Johnny Mac have each played in five. Julia has never played in a PoV competition while Liz has only played in one.

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